Tuesday, January 6, 2015

ABCD #001 - #010

I'm a bit behind on my ABCD Series so I'll have to churn out a few posts to catch myself up.

Leaving work just after the storm came through (flooded Ann St)
27/11 - #001 - Appreciate: that in the crazy storm in Brisbane I could take 2 hours to get home and didn't have to stress about anyone else (SJ was already home).

Green Debris from the storm

28/11 - #002 - Appreciate: that the Brisbane CBD has a lot of trees. Until I witness all the green debris after the storm I had never really noticed before.

29/11 - #003 - Begin: the process of editing photos for my photo gallery walls

Some of my first printed wall photos. It took a while to get them all right.
 30/11 - #004 - Begin: printing said photos for said wall

1/12 - #005 - Discover/Appreciate: String Theory. I watched an episode of Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking and understood the concept of string theory and multiple universes. One of those mind blown moments.

2/12 #006 - Change/Begin: We had hoped to plan for a trip to Hawaii early in 2015, but it looks like SJ won't be able to take holidays except at inconvenient times (i.e. school holidays). He suggested Iceland in November after reading an article and now all our plans have changed. It's now December but plans are underway.

3/12 #007 - Discover: that the volcanic eruption in Iceland in 2010 (Eyjafjallajökull) resulted in less than the usual daily CO2 emissions. How? Daily CO2 emissions from the volcano were around 0.15 million tonnes a day but the cancellation of so many flights prevented 1.3-2.8 million tonnes of the usual daily CO2 emissions so the volcano really had a negative CO2 impact.

4/12 #008 - Discover: that winter in Iceland is the perfect time for the chance to witness the Aurora Borealis. On top of that, the Aurora is more and less active on an 10-12 year solar cycle which peaked around 2013, meaning that 2012-2015 should be good viewing years. December 2015 is looking pretty good to me!

My Travel Souvenir Ornaments (reposted pic from last post)

5/12 #009 - Begin: making Christmas ornaments from my travel souvenirs. They're still not finished by the way.

Our Christmas Tree (reposted pic from last blog post)
6/12 #010 - Begin: Our own Christmas traditions by purchasing, assembling and decorating our first real Christmas tree (this little one in 2011 doesn't really count)

So that's ABCD #1-#10...only another 320 to go.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Decorating...Christmas and Photo Gallery

In the last two weeks I have managed to both print and hang 33 photos for my wall gallery and buy and assemble a Christmas tree and decorations. Reasonably productive I'd say.

You may remember I spoke about my travel photo wall gallery plans here. I really wanted to fit the maximum number of photos I could manage onto our walls, while still looking organised of course.

Well they're up and I love every one.

Looking from the hallway
The hallway wall (hard to fit them all in)
Looking from the living room
The living room wall (ignore the mottled look, that's the chandelier)
Looking from the corner of the living room (ignore the fuzzy pile to the left, it's a cover for the piano in it's temporary location)
You can also tell from the last shot that I've gone with a red and white theme for the Christmas tree. It sort of happened by accident (though I do love red) we bought the first box of baubles with the tree from myer (buying them gave us a 40% discount on the tree!). The rest are just cheap ones from Woolworths/Target/Lincraft until we fill out our collection more. I'm excited for our first Christmas tree, we didn't have one that counted while living in Melbourne (you can see our makeshift tree here).

Our first 'real' Christmas tree
I'm also excited about the Christmas baubles I have and will make for the tree. While in Europe last year, I collected 'red' things, mainly key rings, with the idea that I'd do something with them eventually. I saw photo insert baubles in Officeworks and realised they'd be perfect for displaying my little collection on the tree. I still need to do more with them (glue them for a start, not blue tac) and I'd like to include a b&w photograph of the city they represent, or something. I also have empty shatterproof baubles to decorate/paint/fill/something. But finishing both projects will have to wait until after Christmas as I appear to already have run out of time.

My Christmas travel memento baubles

Thursday, November 27, 2014


I've been struggling for blog post inspiration lately. We haven't worked that much on the house (a combination of attempting to have a life and helping my parents with a big cull and house move) and I've also been really tired and lazy lately. So much so, I don't even feel the need to apologise for it. I have been thinking a lot lately and want to start a new series to help me stay motivated to blog.

If you’re anything like me sometimes you can’t help but wonder that time keeps passing and you don’t seem to have much to show for it. If you’re really like me, then you’d be wishing you documented more of the little things so you DID have something to show for it. I mean really, life is all about those little things and we never seem to remember them or we take them for granted all too frequently.

The phrase ‘you learn something new every day’ is one I live by. I believe that to learn is to grow and I’d go mad if I lost my capacity to learn. I am always reading up on things and finding out about things and planning things and thinking an awful lot…and I selfishly want to be able to blog about that. Hopefully, having to find one little thing about each of my days will put me back into the blogging mind frame. It may not be that interesting for readers, but I'll bore you with more renovation posts soon enough.

I'm calling my series ABCD. Just because I managed to make 4 words fit the first four letters of the alphabet. Obviously.

 Appreciate, Begin, Change and Discover. Most of my inspiring thoughts each day (not the ones about work/home/food) fit into one of these categories. I’ll be aiming to find at least one thing each day worth making a note of. I know I won’t post every day, but a weekly round-up is more than likely. Hopefully I'll remember to write in my bedside journal to keep track.

Appreciate – To be grateful for something I usually take for granted. Not to be confused for the things I am always thankful for (family, my niece’s laughter, SJ cooking dinner every night). I want to notice more about my life, so to appreciate something I didn’t notice yesterday.

Begin – To start a new project or routine. Anything I can start today that I will be proud of or hold myself accountable to tomorrow.

Change – To alter my opinions or fix a habit and change myself. Or to be a positive influence to change the world around me. 

Discover – To gain knowledge I didn’t possess yesterday, all those little 'I never knew that' things. The more random the fact/theory the better for this one, hopefully I'll remember it long enough to record it!

As it happens, I have 330 days until I turn 30, so consider this a ‘30 before 30’ list on steroids. When I turn 30 I should have at least 330 documented thoughts about how I have changed, learnt and grown through the year. Or I'll have 10-20 and will have forgotten all about it.

Either way, if I'm still blogging at 30 I'll count it as a win.
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