Wednesday, May 20, 2015

SJ turned 30

So it's the big dirty thirty year for SJ and I and most of our friends. We didn't make a big deal out of our 29th birthdays (no real presents and we bought a house the day before his!) and given we are likely to have kids before our 40th birthdays I figured it would be the last chance for a proper party. We didn't make the decision to have a party until 3 weeks beforehand though, so once the decision was made I had to act FAST.

SJ has a big family and a large mixed circle of friends, rather than have a super crowd at our house, I cleverly decided to host two parties rather than one to make it less effort...Well as you may have guessed, I made it twice as hard on myself with two parties but they both turned out well and I've been sick ever since.

(I apologise for the dodgy photos but I don't want to include any with people in them!)

The invitation for the family party - Curry night!
Some of my cooking in action - I cooked a beef massaman (it's in the fridge), veggie korma (on the stove), lamb korma (slow cooker) and butter chicken (frying pan). Given I don't usually cook, making these from scratch (including the pastes) was a big deal for me!
Some of the garage had to be in the garage, we had a very soggy backyard from the heavy rains on Friday still...
The Gluten Zone - i.e. the stuff I couldn't eat
Curries ready to eat!
With the Birthday Boy
Gluten Free Chocolate Olive Oil Birthday Cake (Nigella's recipe with added raspberries in the mix)
The invitation for the friends party - Beer Garden
Garden party set up - still a bit soggy but not too bad
Another gluten zone - would have loved to try a Brezel
I also baked gluten free gingerbread hearts decorated Oktoberfest style. Actually I cooked other things too (lots of hot food!) but I was running around cooking and serving and attempting to socialise so there aren't any more pics of food...
And another pic with the Birthday Boy...did I mention I dressed up? It wasn't a costume party but seemed appropriate.
So I turn 30 in 5 months time, I think SJ should start the planning now!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Visit to Darwin

Bringing you up to speed with what I've been up to over the last 4 months will be hard work, so to start simply, this week I've been in Darwin for work. I bought a new point and shoot camera a few weeks ago (an Olympus TG-3 if you're wondering) and took it along for a trial. Given it was a work trip, I didn't have too much down time so this isn't a long post (and actually most photos are from the plane...) but better than no post at all though!
Flying out of Brisbane...can almost see my house!
Flying over Sweers and Bentick Islands

Flying over Arnhem Land - Arthurs Creek
Flying over Arnhem Land - The very top of Katherine River
Flying over Adelaide River
My first official sunset over water at Mindil Beach (I've had more than 5 attempts at this in different locations but clouds/haze have beaten me every time!)
And finally, sunset during the flight home.

Friday, May 15, 2015

I'm still breathing...

Just wanted to make you aware I'm still here for those of you who don't follow me on Twitter/Instagram or have me as a friend on Facebook.

I'd like to say we've been super busy renovating over the last few months, but the truth is, we haven't got much to show for our work since January. We've both been a bit busy with work and my lack of blog posts is due to a perfectly mixed cocktail - part no motivation, part no inspiration and part 'I have so many other things I should do'.

But I'm back (and I know I've said that before, but hey, sue me). I'm going to prep a few posts now so I'll at least have something to say over the next week.

Stay tuned!
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