Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Renovations...Priming the walls

On the 19th of July we had our first 'day off' from the house. We drove to Toowoomba for a wedding and spent 2 nights in dust free bliss. It was great not to have to think much about the house and to get all dressed up and clean (and paint my nails!).

The Sunday after we were right back into it though, we finished up all the paint prep and cemented the last bits of cornice ready for a week of painting. We then primed Monday and Tuesday with the help of SJ's mum. SJ took Monday and Tuesday off work and I took Tuesday and Friday (to pain the ceilings), it was nice to get a big chunk of work done without having to work super late each night.

The house looked a lot cleaner and brighter with a coat of primer, I loved the fresh paint smell as well.

Phone photos from the wedding, no decent one of us both smiling

The living area, quite literally as that's our bed

Kitchen including paint swatch on the wall


Bed 2

Main bedroom

Bed 3


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  1. It's looking good 😊 I don't know how you are doing the late nights all the time though, it'll be worth it though!