Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Bag is Packed!

I'm all ready to go!

I leave work at lunchtime on Friday to fly to Brisbane for the night, then we're off on Saturday.

I've been meaning to do a proper post of what I'm taking, so here it is.

First up, my bag. It doesn't look too flashy but it's incredibly practical. It's made by a company called 'MEI', based in the US and a really old fashioned website ( Each bag is basically custom made, they don't have a running stock. Which was great as it meant I had a small modification made to mine (the handle sits closer to the bag). I chose this bag for my trip after reading a lot about one bag travel from and the MEI Voyageur was the bag of choice for most. It also wasn't that expensive, priced at $136 US with postage another $40 it was cheaper than all the other bags I was considering.

It's going to be perfect (I hope!) for my trip. It's the maximum international carry on size, converts to a very comfortable backpack with hip support and it's really light (about 1.6kg). I intend to actually travel with this bag as carry-on, a slight challenge when I am flying Malaysia Airlines and they have a carry-on limit of 7kg!

The good news is, since I'm taking a handbag for my camera and I'm also putting my clip seal liquids bag in there plus wearing some clothes, my bag weighs in at 6.5kg!

Here's what I'm taking:

Shoes: 1 pair of crocs wedges, 1 pair of wedge pumps - as mentioned in my previous post, I'll be wearing the pumps on the plane

Jackets: 1 leather, 1 cotton - I'll be wearing both on the plane.

Pants: 1 black skirt, 1 black dress, 2 pairs of shorts - I'm wearing the dress on the plane
Tops: 3 singlets, 2 button up shirts

Underwear: 7 pairs of microfibre/quick dry and 2 bras (1 black, 1 nude) - not shown for obvious reasons.

Extras: 1 bikni, 1 pair of footless black fleece lined tights (wearing on the plane),1 pair of compression tights (also wearing on the plane), 3 pairs of sockettes, silk sleeping shirt.

Accessories: 2 scarves (1 black, 1 grey), both jersey and both to be used on the plane

Some cheap jewellery (mostly from Lovisa and Target), I'll wear a bit of it on the plane

1 black belt and a pair of cheap black polarised sunnies

A lot of the weight I am taking comes from my electronics...

I'm taking my Canon 50D camera with a 35mm lens (used both to take the photos) plus a 10-20mm wide angle lens.

For my camera I also have a remote, spare batteries, memory cards and chargers.

Then for storing photos, I have a 500GB hard drive, USB thumb drives, card reader, powered USB port, OTG cable and my Google Nexus 7 tablet. For those of you interested, I've rooted my table and intend to use it like this to move photos from my memory cards to my hard drive/USBs.

The rest of my weight seems to come from my toiletries. My biggest challenge was keeping all my liquids and gels in the space of my clip seal bag and under 100mL each. I'm probably taking a bit too much, but I am a girl after all...I'm also not taking any shampoo, conditioner or body wash as I'll use enough of it to buy it over there.

Haircare - hairbrush, hair ties, bobby pins, hair oil, baby powder, small absorbent towel

Face care - sample sized moisturiser, cleanser, scrub, eye cream (have been saving some of them up), makeup wipes

Body care - sunscreen (the only thing full sized), moisturiser (Moogoo that I can also use on my face), razor, deodorant

Nail care - 2x little bottle of nail polish, nail polish remover wipes, emery boards

Teeth - fold able toothbrush, small toothpaste

Makeup - BB cream, tiny powder, blush and concealer (all by The Balm), small eye shadow, travel brush, mascara, eye liner/brow pencil, 2x lip balm, 1x lip stick, paw paw ointment

Health related - eye mask, ear plugs, wipes, tissues, cotton buds, band aids, iron tablets, painkillers, gastro-stop, hydrating tablets, tweezers, neck pillow

And this is my day bag/camera bag. It's a Posey 2 from Kelly Moore. Has a few really cool pockets and is padded so my camera/lenses are well protected. It's got some cool slots for cards and things but I probably won't use them while travelling. I love the handles on this bag, they have little magnets in them and can sit up for carrying or down for using the shoulder strap.

I've got a few little extras in it as well, passport, wallets, notebooks, foldable drink bottle and 2x foldable totes. One of the totes will probably be my plane handbage (my Posey2 fits inside it) so I can stash a few extras for the flight.

Oh and I should probably mention that I'm travelling with some packing cubes I bought from Ikea (much cheaper than travel gear shops), my bag doesn't have a lot of structure to it and the cubes allow the contents to stay a bit more organised. The labels in the photos I made so I can see what's inside each cube quickly.

So my bag is packed and I'm ready to leave!


  1. Hope you have a great trip! Looks like you have everything you need for your trip! What a fantastic backpack, Im off to check out their bags !

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