Thursday, August 16, 2012

Aix Cafe and Mamasita

I'll be honest up front...this is pretty much a food post...

SJ and I had a day out in the city on Saturday, started the day off with brunch at Aix Cafe Creperie Salon.

Where they have fake money stuck to the counter...I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a one million dollar note...

I started with a tomato, basil and cheese crepe...tasted like bruschetta in a crepe...awesome.

And finished with a banana and nutella one to takeaway...sugar overload.

We spent most of the day shopping and wandering. SJ wanted to look at expensive shoes we couldn't afford to by (well yet anyway) so we also looked at expensive suits just because it's fun.

I have photos of my outfit and a decent attempt at a sock bun that I started the day with...lasted about 2 hours before I had too much of a headache to keep it up. Those photos are on another memory card though (always the way, right?)

We got a bit sick of shopping late afternoon and went to see 'Ted' on Collins Street. A funny but strange movie, I can see that it wouldn't appeal to everyone but I laughed out loud through most of it.

Then it was off to Mamasita for dinner. They don't take bookings for small groups or couples so you have to line up. We got there at 6:45pm and at 7:30 we were given standing space in the bar, by 7:45 we had a table...though we were warned they needed it back at 8:30 so we ate quick....

The back of the menu.

Elotes callejeros - Street Style corn as a starter...sooo good.

Ceviche de Veracruz (snapper) and Tostaditas de Pollo (chicken and avocado), both really good. My face was in this photo but SJ failed to tell me I had stuff in my teeth (damn corn) so I've cut myself out.

Tacos de Lengua y Chachete and Tacos de Cabra...braised ox tongue and cheek and a chipolte braised goat one. The goat one was incredible! Definitely my favourite of the night.

We also had Quesadillas de Cordero (briased lamb) but I forgot to take a photo. Was too cheesy for me anyway.

And the most important part, dessert! Because they needed our table, we opted to take our helado de maiz...sweet corn icecream cones with us.

I have so much to blog about but am struggling to find the time. I made chocolate and salted caramel macarons this week so I think that will be next!


  1. The corn is so delish!!!! Next time I go back I'm going have 2. We had the Quesadillas too, it was soooo good!!

  2. Food posts are the best haha :)

    The banana and nutella crepes take me back to Thailand

    The ice cream also looks scrumptious!

    It's a shame the shock bun gave you a headache :(

  3. YAY food! Haha. It all looks fab. Yum yum!

    Loving the look of that ice cream. When I was young, I used to love digging into a tub of sweet corn ice cream. It's fairly common in Malaysia.

    Shame about the sock bun :( Hair looks good anyway though! x

  4. Please please blog about your macaroons!!!
    I've had 2 x failed attempts this week and really want to make some for Abi's birthday party next weekend!