Tuesday, January 6, 2015

ABCD #001 - #010

I'm a bit behind on my ABCD Series so I'll have to churn out a few posts to catch myself up.

Leaving work just after the storm came through (flooded Ann St)
27/11 - #001 - Appreciate: that in the crazy storm in Brisbane I could take 2 hours to get home and didn't have to stress about anyone else (SJ was already home).

Green Debris from the storm

28/11 - #002 - Appreciate: that the Brisbane CBD has a lot of trees. Until I witness all the green debris after the storm I had never really noticed before.

29/11 - #003 - Begin: the process of editing photos for my photo gallery walls

Some of my first printed wall photos. It took a while to get them all right.
 30/11 - #004 - Begin: printing said photos for said wall

1/12 - #005 - Discover/Appreciate: String Theory. I watched an episode of Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking and understood the concept of string theory and multiple universes. One of those mind blown moments.

2/12 #006 - Change/Begin: We had hoped to plan for a trip to Hawaii early in 2015, but it looks like SJ won't be able to take holidays except at inconvenient times (i.e. school holidays). He suggested Iceland in November after reading an article and now all our plans have changed. It's now December but plans are underway.

3/12 #007 - Discover: that the volcanic eruption in Iceland in 2010 (Eyjafjallajökull) resulted in less than the usual daily CO2 emissions. How? Daily CO2 emissions from the volcano were around 0.15 million tonnes a day but the cancellation of so many flights prevented 1.3-2.8 million tonnes of the usual daily CO2 emissions so the volcano really had a negative CO2 impact.

4/12 #008 - Discover: that winter in Iceland is the perfect time for the chance to witness the Aurora Borealis. On top of that, the Aurora is more and less active on an 10-12 year solar cycle which peaked around 2013, meaning that 2012-2015 should be good viewing years. December 2015 is looking pretty good to me!

My Travel Souvenir Ornaments (reposted pic from last post)

5/12 #009 - Begin: making Christmas ornaments from my travel souvenirs. They're still not finished by the way.

Our Christmas Tree (reposted pic from last blog post)
6/12 #010 - Begin: Our own Christmas traditions by purchasing, assembling and decorating our first real Christmas tree (this little one in 2011 doesn't really count)

So that's ABCD #1-#10...only another 320 to go.


  1. That's a good start! I can't wait to see your Aurora Borealis pics!

  2. I had wondered where these were!

    The holiday plans are exciting :)

    And that storm was intense!

  3. That storm sounded scary.. I think we have gone backwards and decided no more real trees next year.

  4. What is this ABCD series? I've never heard of it before. Sounds interesting.

    You live in Brisbane? I really loved my short visit there. Such a beautiful city. I only stayed briefly to visit a family member before heading over to Morton Island.

    Love the pattern on your blog. So unique!!