Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My latest project: Polymer Clay

I've been incredibly bored lately (and have had nothing to blog about) so I've been trying to find ways to amuse myself. Enter my new project, Polymer Clay.

I had the idea after discussing wedding cake toppers with MissA, she likes some of the personalised ones you can find on etsy (like these) but can't justify paying $200 with shipping for one.

For those who don't know, Polymer Clay (or Fimo as I've usually known it) is colourful/plain clay that you mould stuff out of and then cook to harden. I had a bit of exposure to the stuff as a child from spending a lot of time at an art and craft market...

So, I've decided to attempt to make one for her. There is still over a year until the wedding so I have plenty of time to practise and make something acceptable to her standards!
To get myself started, I bought a few basic colours (skin tone, white, yellow, red, black green and blue) in Premo! Sculpey brand (after doing a bit of reading on the different types). For a total of $50 I also bought some basic tools (knife and scalpel type things).

Then I sat back for a week or so waiting of inspiration to hit.
If you follow me on Instagram, you might have remembered these creations from last week. My first attempt with the clay, I wanted something tiny so I didn't waste too much and watched a few youtube tutorials.

Over the weekend I decided I was ready for something a little harder. And I wanted something with 'meaning' ideally so I could give it to someone and not end up with a mad hoarder collection of random minature clay things.

It's my mum' birthday this weekend so I decided to make her four little girls to represent her daughters. Deciding what to dress them like too quite a bit of thinking and a lot of random googling until I stumbled on some superhero characters and was struck with an idea...
Spidergirl (MissT), Poison Ivy (MissC), Batgirl (MissE) and Supergirl (Me)
This photo is from MissC's Hero and Villian's themed 21st birthday party and became my character inspiration.
Started off with some heads (with alfoil balls inside to preserve clay and weight). MissT has a slightly darker skin colour than the rest of us so I replicated that.
Made some bodies and started to put skirts on them.
Finished the skirts.
Added some superhero specific details to the outfits.
Then added some heads and arms. Bald little girls haha (please excuse the flash).
Mixing colours for the hair took quite a while, definitely the hardest part of the whole project. I needed it right though so it was obvious who was who. Then I made lots of little hair strands.
Here they are with hair, waiting for me to decide how best to give them legs.
Got a little frustrated with the legs in the end, so none of them look right. Positioned them so they should sit on the edge of something (this is them on the edge of the baking tray ready to be cooked).
And the final (slightly out of focus) product. MissT's hair is darker than the original picture but much closer to the colour she has in it these days.

I'm pretty happy with them as a first attempt at people can see where I'd like to improve. SJ really doesn't like that they don't have any necks and are all fat...

Posted them up to MissT to present to mum on the weekend. I don't care what she does with them though.

Any ideas for my next project?

I think I'd like to make some form of character and photograph it all over Melbourne so I have a keep sake for whenever (eventually) I move back to Queensland. No idea where to start with that though so it might take a few weeks for inspiration to hit.

I have this grand idea that I can make multiple figures of the same character in different outfits and poses...does that sound too geeky?


  1. Wow! Those are amazing - they are so cute. Love the idea of giving your mum something so personalised for her birthday.

    If you are stuck for new projects - some personalised Christmas ornaments might be cute!

  2. I've always wanted to try out filmo, ever since I came upon never tried it though, as it might end up like my felt hobby ($50 of felt in basket in storage). Your idea remind me of the Gnome in Amelia (2001)! :)

  3. A very very good first attempt and something I could probably never create after a billion attempts!

  4. Oh my gosh they are adorable!!! Well done :)

    Your idea of making the same person in different poses all around Melbourne sounds fantastic. Can't wait to see the finished product/s :)

  5. Thats seriously adorable, your mum will love it!

  6. How about making a 'you' and in different poses and then in different places over Melb?
    There's a good memory of Melbourne for you!

  7. These are so adorable! Mine would just look like little blobs I'm sure. Can't wait to see your further adventures with the clay!

  8. Woww this looks incredible (and a lot of fun). I really can't wait to see what else you make!

  9. Holy! You done such a good job! You'll have no trouble with cake topers. Applaud for your efforts! xo

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