Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Renovations...Stripping it back

The first steps in our home renovations were removing all the carpets and curtains, they were old and they smelt. The second step was getting the asbestos removed from five rooms. The asbestos came out in the last week of May, so we had owned the house for 4 weeks without being able to do much at all.

The Front Room
The front room in all it's naked glory. This room still looks like this but it's now being used for storage.
The Lounge Room
The Lounge room really changed the most when we ripped up the carpet, it made the biggest difference. Changes since then (mainly just paint) haven't had the same impact.

The Kitchen
The kitchen didn't look much like a kitchen for quite a while, just another bare room. You can see the Styrofoam sheets in the ceiling that we had to remove as well. They were stacked on top of the battens between the rafters.
The Kitchen (reverse angle)
This photo shows some of the variation in the floor between the kitchen (covered by lino for 50 years) and the dining room (exposed).

Bed 2 (from the doorway)

Bed 2 (looking towards the doorway)
Bed 2 was one of the rooms that was completely gutted, you can see the lines on the floor from where the built in wardrobe used to be. The wall of Bed 2 that backs onto the lounge room (top pic) also had battens on it which made it interesting when we installed the insulation.

Bed 3 (also showing the gutted toilet)

Bed 3 (also showing the gutted toilet)
Bed 3 and the toilet were the final rooms to be gutted (excluding downstairs).

Bed 1
Bed 1 was the only bedroom NOT to be gutted. It and the lounge room remain the same, the change in here again wasn't that dramatic but the paint and change in trim has made a difference.

Next post, the most disgusting task yet!


  1. I find the front room a little strange. I wonder why they chose to build it in, but put the windows up so high. What will you do with that room once it’s renovated?

    The rooms are looking so much better than the before pics. You and SJ have done so much hard work on that place, well done! S and I would have put that in the too hard pile as soon as we found out there was asbestos. We’re lazy like that though :-P

    1. The front room will eventually be a study, we've got different windows to put in and lighten up the place. And I want a wall of books!

  2. Loving these posts! Did you know about the asbestos when you purchased or was it a nasty surprise?

    1. Bit of both, we knew there was a risk given the age of the house but our building inspection guy suggested it was probably the bathroom, front room and downstairs bathroom. Wasn't expecting the kitchen and bedrooms and wasn't expecting it to be friable (costs twice as much for removal). All good now though :-)