Monday, October 13, 2014

Renovations...Paint prep and cornices

Another boring step before we could start painting was to fill all the dents and scratches and holes in the existing horse hair plaster walls and ceilings. Horse hair plaster is really annoying by the way.

To make life easier for when we sanded the floors, we removed all the skirting boards from the existing rooms and then we also pulled off all the existing architrave. We had to put new skirting and architrave in the new rooms anyway, and in replacing the trim we sized up (previously 42mm architraves and 66mm skirting, now 66mm architraves and 92mm skirting). The added advantage of going a size up in the existing rooms was that we didn't have to patch areas where the plaster ripped a little. I also taped all the edges where we had exposed plaster which stopped it from continuously crumbling while we were painting and sealing the floor, we then nailed the new trim right over the top.

We also placed new cornices in the 'new' bedrooms, I managed to find plaster cornice which matched the existing ornate cornice in the main bedroom which means the rooms look the same age. In the kitchen we square set the ceiling, I intend to tile a splash back to the roof so it will look better that way.

Living area all patched up (notice the missing trim)

Dining room with new doorway to kitchen


Bed 1 ready for painting (not the lack of trim and old door)

Bed 3 ready for painting

Bed 3 ready for painting

Bed 2 ready for painting

Bed 2 ready for painting

New cornice in Bed 2

Original cornice in the main bedroom

Original cornice in the living areas (with old architrave)

Timber cornice in the original asbestos bedrooms (prior to ripping it out obviously)


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