Saturday, May 16, 2015

Visit to Darwin

Bringing you up to speed with what I've been up to over the last 4 months will be hard work, so to start simply, this week I've been in Darwin for work. I bought a new point and shoot camera a few weeks ago (an Olympus TG-3 if you're wondering) and took it along for a trial. Given it was a work trip, I didn't have too much down time so this isn't a long post (and actually most photos are from the plane...) but better than no post at all though!

Flying out of Brisbane...can almost see my house!
Flying over Sweers and Bentick Islands

Flying over Arnhem Land - Arthurs Creek
Flying over Arnhem Land - The very top of Katherine River
Flying over Adelaide River
My first official sunset over water at Mindil Beach (I've had more than 5 attempts at this in different locations but clouds/haze have beaten me every time!)
And finally, sunset during the flight home.


  1. Great views! If you're looking to sharpen your pictures you could always use picmonkey. :)

    1. That sounds like effort ;-) those ones are a bit fuzzy cause they're through plane windows...and also with the cheap point and shoot. I'll keep it in mind but I'll probably only put effort into editing photos that are decent in the first place hehe

  2. Glad you finally managed to get the sunset, it's a beauty!

    Also the love the sunset on the way home in the plan.

    Have you been traveling a lot for work??

    1. Depends on what you call a lot? So far this year I've been to Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin and Perth which sounds like a lot but is also only 4 trips in 5 months so not as frequent a flyer as someone who actually travels for work. That and life in general has kept me pretty busy though :-)