Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sock Bun!

Just a quick post to include some pictures of my sock bun last weekend.

I had a mock sock bun attempt on Friday evening and showed it to the world via instagram and twitter. Advice to make it look better included bobby pins and sitting it higher on my head.

So I did. I think it worked out okay, still a bit messy though.

I still think maybe I have too much hair to pull it off well. That and a funny shaped head.

As I mentioned in my previous post, it didn't last more than two hours before I had too much of a headache to keep it up. Admittedly, I've had a few headaches lately so it may not have been the sole cause.

Do you like my skirt? My sister made it for me years ago. Definitely my colours!

I'm going to go write my macaron post now and schedule it to go tomorrow. I'm sure many people read this blog on the weekend anyway though!


  1. Nice buns ;-) Seriously suits you!

  2. I agree! The bun looks great! And so does the skirt. :D

  3. Can never have enough hair. I haven't tried this, I want to...but know I will fail miserably... :(

  4. Sock buns! I bought a huge sock bun thing from eBay for a buck and I found it impossible to put on. My mother helps me out with that but then because I have really really long hair I just end up with this giant.. hair.. hat.. on my head and it looks kinda weird.

    I think it looks cool on you but make it messier and higher to pull off that ultra-popular-girl style you see out there all the time, haha :P :P

  5. I like it! It's a shame about the headache though.

    Skirt Looks good also :)

  6. I think it looks awesome one you, weird about the headache though.. I always find that mine feel super loose! It might just be that final tuck under that's making it look less polished? If you think you have too much hair you could try putting some through the sock and the rest wrap around the front and around the base of the sock bun... like on Jennifer Stano's video.. check it out x