Friday, November 7, 2014

G20 Cultural Celebrations

SJ and I took a break from working on the house last week to head into the city to see the lights and displays for the G20 Cultural Celebrations.

I signed up to 'design' one of the Colour Me lights displays online, so I was camera ready at 7:08pm when my purple and green design lit up the city. I don't think there any slots left now to submit designs but you can still have a play here:

We were out on a weeknight and there were few people around so we had plenty of opportunities to play with the interactive displays which include lasers and projections. We followed the 'Colour Me Brisbane Trail Map' through the city and spent about 2 hours walking around taking photos and taking it all in.

It was a good night and I've recommended it to family, if you're in Brisbane check it out before next weekend. We walked about 5-6km including getting to/from the car at Southbank so I probably wouldn't do the whole trail with kids, but the highlights were:
- the Colour Me city lights viewed from Southbank, lots of different colour combinations plus the B.R.I.S.B.A.N.E sign
- The Changing Face of Brisbane display in Queens Park, stories told through music (Queensland Symphone Orchestra and Opera Queensland) and projected images on the Treasury Hotel.
- The interactive 'where the forest meets the sea' display on the Commissariat Store

If you're interested check out

This isn't a sponsored post, I'm just very excited that Brisbane finally has some amazing lights displays. I've always been jealous of those in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne...and when I was living in Melbourne I always seemed to miss it. I have to admit though, there was a distinct lack of crowds in Brisbane compared to what I know turns up at the other events, so if you're in Brisbane it's definitely worth a night out!
G20 Colour Me Brisbane lights...I think my design is top right, but it could be bottom left...I've lost track
The B.R.I.S.B.A.N.E sign, it's amazingly detailed up close. I hope it stays on after the G20!
Light displays through the city including interactive lasers on City Hall

Law Courts Lawn, Queens Park and Commissariat Store projection displays


  1. I had no idea this was even on?

    No G20 of course, how could I not know that one, but the lights?

    Looks great, I might have to go have a looksie, photos look great :)

  2. Love the idea of designing the lights how cool! x