Wednesday, April 10, 2013

With These Hands - Baby

So Rhi and I have been a little slack with this project, I'm not sure if we'll be doing anymore.

Nevertheless, I did complete the baby project (on time too!) but as it was a gift I didn't want to post it before it was given. I think the recipient (well his Mum anyway) has found my blog through Instagram...Hi E!

My original intention was to make a polymer clay baby cake topper for E's son's 1st birthday. Then I found out there would be no cake (which later changed) so I worked on making a 'toy' instead. Discussing with my sister, MissT, we decided I should make a little sailor baby (E is anchor/sailor/nautical mad) and a little sail boat. So MissT/dad got to work making a timber sailboat with an interchangeable fabric sail and I got to making it's little sailor.

Here are some of my first steps, working the clay and mixing some colours up (this part too the longest, my clay was a bit dry). Sketching up what I wanted him to look like (luckily I'm better with the clay than I am with pencils) and making up a skeleton out of alfoil and little wires (which I stripped out of twisty ties that came with my freezer bags). The skeleton helps give it shape but also means I use less clay for bits you don't see and it's not as heavy.

And here he is. I started from the bottom up, pants/shoes then onto his shirt before adding his head and all the details. I did take two goes at doing his eyes (the first ones were very alien like) before squishing them into his head. He does look a bit like the one year old (maybe a teenage version anyway) who has a widows peak and big blue eyes.

And here's the final present. As luck would have it (or not) when I was called up to Brisbane to work I ended up being able to take him with me (instead of express posting him) and I got to attend the birthday party as well. MissT did a great job on the sail boat and also bought a baby sailor outfit, I have a very cute photo of the baby in his outfit pulling the boat around the house but since I don't want to post someone else's child on the internet, you'll just have to make believe.

Oh and the box the boat is resting on is what we gifted it in. It's an A4 paper ream box which I covered using the leftover/excess material, some ribbon and a lot of double sided tape.

I think I'm almost ready to start attempting the wedding cake topper for MissA (the friend who's getting married in November), what do you think?


  1. Awww that's cute!!! I don't think I'd be patient enough to finish this sort of project! I'd gave up very very quickly! Well done, you! :) xx

  2. That is absolutely fantastic!! How talented at you, seriously?! Such an amazing gift, made even better by the effort, thought and love put into it! I can't wait to see the cake toppers when you do them! Perhaps I can commission you to make some for me? Haha!

  3. Gosh, Amy, what a stunning job you did! He's really cute, and I love the little sailboat your sister did too. :)


  4. You're good! Very good! That pressie would look absolutely fab in the nursery am sure!