Friday, January 25, 2013

One more week.

Earlier this week, my laptop stopped turning on, something I consider to be quite a vital element in using it. Luckily it  was fixed without me losing any data. Huge relief, I have been putting a lot of effort into a project lately and would have been incredibly upset to lose it all.

SJ has been cooking up a (quick) storm with our new Jamie's 15 minute meal book, three recipes tried with great success so far [Golden Scallops, Sizzling Chicken Fajitas and Lamb Meatballs]. On average they've taken about 20-25 minutes to prepare, most of the extra prep time has come from manually cutting things up and cooking rice from scratch (rather than by microwave pouch).

Still have a lot of recipes to try (and we need prettier serving dishes) but pretty happy with it all so far. I'll have to get SJ to cook me a feast from the 30 minute meal book next!

We also lost our night market virginity and braved the masses at the Suzuki Night Markets at Queen Vic. We actually went two weeks in a row, the first week we drove, spent half an hour looking for a park and then walked around for almost an hour before leaving with empty stomachs. Way too many people there at 7pm. The following Wednesday evening we rode over for just after 5pm and had our choice of food stands with minimal queues. If you plan on going, head there early!

Oh and get one of those potato things. A spiraled potato on a stick with batter and salt, probably the best and worst food item at the markets, we followed it with some coconut water to cut through the fat...

On Sunday I was invited to meet with a few other bloggers (Ling, Queen V and Kiki) for lunch. I used it as an opportunity to wear my new red shoes team with my MAC Lady Danger. Disappointingly, the nail polish I had intended to wear has vanished but I was able to mix a good match from a few other colours I owned. It was the first time I've mixed nail polish (I just did it on a piece of alfoil) and I'm excited to mix more. Only downside is that touch ups are almost impossible.

Hope everyone has a good long weekend, SJ and I are off to Adelaide to see the final stages of the Tour Down Under and spend a bit of time at the beach. Weather forecast is looking great for Adelaide (and Melbourne) but I'll be thinking of everyone on the eastern coast as the remnants of Ozzie make their way to you all. I hope you have memorable Australia Day BBQs despite the rain.


  1. Hello Miss D, I stop by here frequently to have a read and thought I'd write a comment this time :)

    I love seeing what you've been up to and I think I've worked out a reason why I'm drawn by your blog (other than the fact it's plain enjoyable!).....

    Cos you're a Red girl! I'm totally a Pink girl and it's interesting to see how the other half lives :)

  2. That market looks interesting. *adds to do after exams list* :P I'll have to go sometime. :)

  3. The weather is not looking great for Melbourne its raining all long weekend! BOOO

    Love the lipstick colour

  4. Girlfriend was colour coordinated. I felt ashamed in my plain not made up face.

  5. Such a pretty outfit. Looking great as usual! x