Friday, March 22, 2019

Our Engagement Story

For those of you who don't follow/know me on social media, SJ and I got engaged earlier this month!

I'd love to say it was a total surprise, but I'd be lying. We've long intended to marry each other (and have babies) and are have been working to a rough time scale. So I was expecting it at some point soon you could say. Even less of a surprise was the weekend itself, Poor SJ booked us flights and put my frequent flyer number on them. We had an time change for our Paris/December flights and I had to approve it...and spotted flights to Canberra for September. So I knew for a few weeks before the trip that we were heading south for the weekend and painted my nails just in case...

So SJ told me on the Thursday that though we were flying to Canberra we were actually heading to Thredbo for the weekend. Thredbo has some significance for us, if you're read our 'how we got together story' you might remember that we visited Thredbo with friends the week before we got together and in was, in a sense, the start of us. Heading the Thredbo where there was still some late season snow had the added advantage of allowing us to trial some of the gear we have purchased for Iceland. He planned it well.

Friday morning we flew down to Canberra and drove from there down to Thredbo. He had no plans for that afternoon (turns out he did originally, they'd been moved to Saturday instead) so we checked into our room (we stayed here) and chilled out for the afternoon. Dinner was nothing too special but there were more gluten free options than expected (ate here)

Innocence Lost

This post is likely to sit as a draft post until I feel comfortable to share it.

This is the story of my first pregnancy.