Monday, December 15, 2014

Decorating...Christmas and Photo Gallery

In the last two weeks I have managed to both print and hang 33 photos for my wall gallery and buy and assemble a Christmas tree and decorations. Reasonably productive I'd say.

You may remember I spoke about my travel photo wall gallery plans here. I really wanted to fit the maximum number of photos I could manage onto our walls, while still looking organised of course.

Well they're up and I love every one.

Looking from the hallway
The hallway wall (hard to fit them all in)
Looking from the living room
The living room wall (ignore the mottled look, that's the chandelier)
Looking from the corner of the living room (ignore the fuzzy pile to the left, it's a cover for the piano in it's temporary location)
You can also tell from the last shot that I've gone with a red and white theme for the Christmas tree. It sort of happened by accident (though I do love red) we bought the first box of baubles with the tree from myer (buying them gave us a 40% discount on the tree!). The rest are just cheap ones from Woolworths/Target/Lincraft until we fill out our collection more. I'm excited for our first Christmas tree, we didn't have one that counted while living in Melbourne (you can see our makeshift tree here).

Our first 'real' Christmas tree
I'm also excited about the Christmas baubles I have and will make for the tree. While in Europe last year, I collected 'red' things, mainly key rings, with the idea that I'd do something with them eventually. I saw photo insert baubles in Officeworks and realised they'd be perfect for displaying my little collection on the tree. I still need to do more with them (glue them for a start, not blue tac) and I'd like to include a b&w photograph of the city they represent, or something. I also have empty shatterproof baubles to decorate/paint/fill/something. But finishing both projects will have to wait until after Christmas as I appear to already have run out of time.

My Christmas travel memento baubles


  1. It looks even better than I thought it would!

    The tree looks great as well, looks like it belongs as a display in a shop

  2. Your wall gallery looks fantastic.
    I am in love with your Dutch Clogs christmas bauble, I want it!