Monday, September 29, 2014

Introducing Our House...

We've owned our home for 5 months now, we're officially living it and we're still very busy each weekend with the renovations. Renovations plus a lack of internet access are my main excuses for not posting about what's been going on.

Firstly, to follow up from a previous post, I do indeed have celiac disease. Hasn't really affected me much since then, I feel a lot better and struggle a bit to find pre made or dine out food I can both eat and feel like eating, but other than that it's all good.

This is what our house looks like. It was built in the 1960s and is about 10kms from the Brisbane CBD. It's highset a lot of space underneath (less than legal height). The bathroom was renovated about 4 years ago (though it looks like they used existing or second hand fittings) and the rest of the house hasn't changed much in the last 50 years.
House Plan

So our house settled on April 30, since then we have:
- ripped up all the carpets and removed the existing curtains
- had five rooms completely gutted (asbestos removal) including completely removing the entire kitchen and existing toilet (those rooms were the Front Room, Kitchen, WC, Bed 3 and Bed 2 as well as a downstairs bathroom)
- removed all the existing loose roof insulation and hundreds of sheets of styrofoam that were also up there (used as insulation but a fire hazard under current regulations) 
- installed a new cedar bifold window and bifold door
- installed new insulation in all the gutted rooms
- installed gyprock and plastered all those rooms
- put in new cornice in some of those rooms
- replaced the hot water system (it broke during the plastering/sanding stage...if there's ever a time you need a hot shower it's then!)
- repaired all the cracks and dents in the rest of the house
- repainted/painted all the walls and ceilings
- sanded the floor boards back (after filling hundreds of little holes from the old carpet and lino) and applied a two pack coating to them
- had the gutters replaced
- installed a second hand kitchen with new benchtops and a new oven
- had new lights installed
- installed new skirtings and architraves throughout (including the existing rooms)
- replaced all the internal doors (half complete)

Still to complete over the next few weeks:
- replaced the rest of the internal doors and paint them
- fill (nail holes) and paint all the skirting and architraves
- install roller blinds
- install kitchen kickboards
- paint the kitchen cupboards
- tile the kitchen splash back

Still to complete over the next year:
- the entire front room (still gutted)
- the downstairs bathroom (still gutted)
- renovating the existing bathroom
- sanding all the timber casement windows back to bare timber
- building a new deck
- painting the house/roof (external)
- all landscaping

Stayed tuned for photos in the next post...


  1. What a lot of work to the place. It's gonna be a completely brand new place when you are done. We have asbestos in our roof too in the house we own in Syd. Just shuddering at the nightmare it'll be to have it removed when we get around to it.

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