Friday, October 31, 2014

Renovations...The almost AFTER photos

We're almost at the end of 'Stage 1' of the renovations and the house is looking a lot different to it did in those BEFORE photos. Which I posted at the end of September, along with a list of things we still had to complete:

Still to complete over the next few weeks:
- replaced the rest of the internal doors and paint them
- fill (nail holes) and paint all the skirting and architraves
- install roller blinds  (half complete)
- install kitchen kickboards
- paint the kitchen cupboards
- tile the kitchen splash back

Still to complete over the next year:
- the entire front room (still gutted)
- the downstairs bathroom (still gutted)
- renovating the existing bathroom
- sanding all the timber casement windows back to bare timber
- building a new deck
- painting the house/roof (external)
- all landscaping

We haven't knocked much of the list since then, but we've finally completed all the painting which is nice. Still a bit of work to go in the kitchen and a few other random jobs around the place. I have a friend moving in with us this weekend and we'll be rearranging a lot of furniture, so the house will already look quite different to these pics...which were taken back on the 1st of October anyway when we hadn't painted skirtings or put in all the doors. You get the idea though.

Bed 2/Wardrobe

Bed 2/Wardrobe from the other side

Bed 3 - The bed is off the wall because I was about to paint the skirtings. It will soon be in Bed 2 and this will be the wardrobe anyway lol

Bed 3 again. Notice the sanded back window sills?

Main bedroom/Our bedroom. No decoration as yet, but it has a bed!

Main Bed again. Ditto decoration, the current art is there as storage rather than deliberate lol

Hallway - showcasing the unpainted Bed 3 door

Bathroom - this hasn't really changed since we moved in...except it's cleaner and has a newer shower curtain

Front room/study/current storage room. This is the room that still needs everything done to it. It's on The List.

Living room with our chandelier (my favourite piece in the house right now...really though almost the only piece haha)

Dining Room - this will change soon, swapping this second hand table with a cousin for another second hand table

Living room. Needs some life but the wall photos and mirror I mentioned in Wednesday's post will help. There's a rug coming (see next Monday's post) and I want to vamp up the second hand tv unit. Plus some wall art which is on the longer list...and better cushions. Everything is hand-me-downs at the moment.

Another Living/Dining shot showing off our floor lamp (my second favourite piece)

Another Dining room shot (with the big fridge visible)

And yet another dining/living area photo. Can you tell I just wiped down the table? haha

Kitchen - a repeat photo from my kitchen post