Monday, February 25, 2013

With These Hands - Garden Project

Here is the efforts from my With These Hands project from last week's theme (Garden).

Very simple project again this week (but don't worry, the Baby theme for Week Three has taken me all weekend!). I bought this little desert rose (from Bunnings for $5.49) to plant in my giant wine glass (which for completeness, cost me $30 from the Queen Vic Markets 18 months ago).

And some soil I stole from our veggie pots.

I attempted to plant it in a ring of rocks so it looked a bit prettier...but I failed.

It ended up a bit mixed up.

There you have it, my indoor garden.

I should be able to keep this one alive, they're a reasonably common indoor plant that can be used for bonsai. It also doesn't need to be watered during winter (win!). It might grow out of the glass at some stage but it's a slow grower so I'll deal with that when it happens.

I might be interstate for work this week (yay for Brisbane) so I might not get many posts up.


  1. Sooo... I've been MIA from the blog world for a bit, but am trying to re-enter starting here!

    What a cool idea. Liam has just build me a mini aquaponics system for my desk at work and I think I might try and get the same plant you've got here!

    We're eventually building a full scale aquaponics system out the back, and breeding trout it in to feed us and our vegetables! Might have to try to get back into blogging and post about it :) xo

  2. Put me down for another loving your "with these hands" posts. Im going to make a wine glass garden now.

  3. Oh I love the idea! Imagine tons of those scattered around the house!

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