Friday, August 21, 2015

Review: Go-To Skincare

For the last few years I have habitually used MooGoo Skincare (and still do!) but in the midst of the great rosehip drought of 2015 winter took its toll on my skin and I looked outside the MooGoo world.

I looked at reviews and blog posts for face oils searching for an alternative to rosehip oil that might bring my face back to life. In my search, Go-To Skincare's Face Hero popped up, given Go-To is all natural, australian owned (and made in NZ), cruelty free and a little quirky (all the things I liked about MooGoo) wrapped up in chic peach packaging, I decided to give Go-To Skincare a shot. Three months on and I'm now converted, so with my second order placed I thought I would share my thoughts.

Go-To skincare was founded by Zoe Foster Blake (who needs no introduction) and her personality and quirkiness really comes through in everything from the website, order process and packaging. It definitely adds to the experience and puts a smile on my face. Rather than re-hash any of the cute product descriptions you can go visit yourself -->
My Go-To Parcel
I placed my order at 9:30pm on Monday night, received confirmation that the products were packaged and ready to go at 8:30am on Tuesday morning and the parcel was in my Parcel Locker (in Brisbane CBD) at 7:30am on Thursday morning. No complaints here.
Pretty tissue paper - I actually reused it from my first purchase to wrap a newborn baby girl gift...
The box has some cute quotes on it and the cuteness continues as you open the package. The peach theme is strong here.
Product boxes - the other side gives cute dating profiles for them
In addition to your products you also receive a post card describing their use and application (which is easier to hold onto than the boxes are). It's all detailed on the website though.

My Go-To family
Finally into the good stuff. On my first order, I purchased the Face Hero, Very Useful Face Cream and Lips. I didn't need to reorder Lips this time (still going strong) but bought a new Face Her, VUFC and added the ExceptionOil to the mix. Since I haven't started using the ExceptionOil yet I can't comment on it.

I'm very fussy about my lip balms and then I tend to stick with one once I'm happy. I've been using MooGoo Tingling Lip Balm for years and though I tried others (like BabyLips etc.) nothing really did it for me. Now I still have my qualms about this one, sometimes I find it has a smell I don't like but it is definitely long lasting. It can go on a bit grainy until you warm it up a bit, but I actually enjoy that, I feel like I'm getting a quick lip ex-foliation in as I apply.

I love the FaceHero, it's definitely doing more for my skin than just rosehip oil was, it seems to absorb better and doesn't need the addition of moisturiser to keep it in place. You can use it on its own or by mixing a few drops in with moisturiser, I've been quite generous with it, usually adding a few drops to moisturiser both morning and night (well it is winter!).

The Very Useful Face Cream I was sceptical about, I love my MooGoo Anti-Ageing Face Cream but I gave it a shot. Looking at the package I was also worried about how much I'd actually get out of it, it looks so small! Turns out it's a very thick cream, you only need a 1cm snake of it (particularly if mixed with FaceHero) and I managed to get 12 weeks out of it. My skin has been soft and moisturised and I haven't had any breakouts etc.
Almost time to move on from this one
There's still a tiny bit left in the tube, I'm still stubbornly squeezing it out (I find it satisfying to get every last drop). I've also had to stop using the stopper for my Face Hero, getting the last drops out by pouring them out of the bottle. Really glad I reordered though, it's nice to know I have fresh ones waiting for me to crack them open.
This is the cute post card
I haven't tried the Properly Clean or Exfoliating Swipeys and I may not given I don't currently use any form of cleaning product on my face (not as gross as it sounds, I used a Norwex microfibre cloth embedded with antibacterial silver threads - it is amazingly convenient for travel and works so well).

I'm excited about taking these products overseas and that they will fit in my carry-on clip seal bag. The compact size will also mean I don't have to have bulky products with me on the trip and it will last the whole way through (only gone for 6 weeks).

Am I done with MooGoo? No, not yet. I still love their Skin Milk Udder Cream and don't think I could do without it (that said, I haven't used the ExceptionOil yet...). I tend to by MooGoo products from the chemist these days rather than online so I will still be inclined to restock that way from time to time. Besides, there's plenty of room in my bathroom for them all to get along nicely.

Final thoughts - definitely loving it. At first I thought it seemed a bit expensive for tiny tubes but they last long enough and I'm happy. My skin is happy too.

Disclaimer: Reviews on this blog are my own personal opinions based on products I have purchased with my own hard-earned dollars. They are not sponsored in any way or written in the hope of gaining free stuff. I say what I think and you can trust me. If you don't believe me, ask my mother - she doesn't hold back either.


  1. Sounds like a good brand to try... And really quick delivery!

    Haha also love the disclaimer ;) funny

  2. I love Go To as well. The Swipeys are really amazing, I highly recommend you try them - I didn't realise my skin was dull until I started using them and started glowing!

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