Friday, August 31, 2012

What September means for me...

I'm excited about September.

It means:

  • the start of Spring (my favourite least it was in Queensland)
  • one month away from my birthday month
  • my future will be clearer by the end of the month
  • I could be back in Queensland by the end of the month
  • my parent's celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary (though I'm not there to share it)
  • SJ should hear about the post doc by the end of the month
  • I might not have to keep wearing fleece lined tights
  • I plan to 'finish' my blog layout, finally adding pictures over on the left and finishing off my about me page. It will be 'The A-Z of MissDirections', I have started it at least!
  • I'm going to do a big clothing cull so if I have to move again it's much easier
  • I'm going to save money (easy when I don't fly to QLD every other week!) so I can more plausibly daydream about buying a house soon.
  • SJ and I are going camping in the Grampians this weekend, means I might finally have some more interesting pictures to share with you..decided it was time we start seeing Victoria before we (possibly) move again! 
  • Since I now have a phone with Instagram I can finally join in properly with fat mum slim's photo a day thingy. Though I feel like I'm a bit late to the party! Hopefully I don't forget.

Hope everyone in Melbourne enjoys the uncharacteristically sunny weekend!


  1. Yaay! I love September, too! It's my birthday too on the 30th, so I call it my Birthday month! When's yours? 30th or 1st Oct?

  2. I personally can't wait to hear about your job!! I've got my fingers all crossed for you to move up here to Brisbane! :) I bet you will, you totally looked the part in your interview outfit.

    Instagram is the best, you'll be taking photos like a crazy person in no time, I promise ;)