Sunday, September 23, 2012

The next step.

I flew to Brisbane on Thursday for my interview for 'Job'. I still haven't heard anything about 'Senior Job' and was told they would probably rush the process on this one so they are announced at the same time...sometime over the next few weeks.

I wore orange with my pinstripe suit (jacket/skirt) combo. A little less aggressive than my favourite red when teamed with matching nail polish.
It suited the brilliant, sunny, 29 degree day that Brisbane presented me with. And may have been a good omen as the interview went really well.

In other news, SJ actually has a job interview on Melbourne. The position is only a summer 3-month kind of thing, but there's a chance it could become a full-time one...but of course, we wouldn't know if that's a possibility until around January...but which time I may have accepted one of these Jobs in Brisbane...

We have all the luck right?

Well a job for SJ would be good regardless of where it is, I just have to hope that everything is going to end up the way it's supposed to...

Don't uncross those fingers yet.