Monday, November 26, 2012

Yarra Valley Weekend

Now I know this is a little delayed but I thought I should catch up on posts in the order they occurred. So going back in time to the 10-11 of November...

If you remember, SJ and I had guests over from Perth for the weekend and ventured to the Yarra Valley. We ventured all over the place and visited a few wineries.

My favourite was probably Chandon, not because of the wine (you know I don't drink!) but because of how gorgeous the grounds were.
To me, it was definitely a 'classic' looking winery, just the way they should look. It was a gorgeous day too, lots of people out on the lawn enjoying the sunshine.
Still cool enough to be in jeans though, teamed with a floaty shirt.
We spent the night in a gorgeous little cottage on the edge of the Valley Farm vineyard (Cottage 2 if you go looking for it) that was once satellite tracking station complex which (since we're geeks) we thought was pretty darn cool.

Oh and the alpacas in the field just outside the door were pretty cool too.
The next day we drove home the long way and had a picnic lunch at Sky High on the top of Mount Dandenong. Was a little too commercial for my tastes, but quite a lovely spot for a picnic in what was again gorgeous weather.
That evening we hit up the town and had dinner at Tutto Bene on Southbank. I love Melbourne when it's warm enough for short dresses and heels!
Oh and on Friday I wore a dress and heels to work and then...

Went off to a soccer game, swapping my heels (which I keep at work) for boots and a leather jacket. At the game I added a soccer jersey and a poncho...and it was pouring! Glad my leather jacket is waterproof.

Coming up tomorrow, a few pics from my mum's visit the weekend after :-D


  1. Chandon looks amazing! Especially your top right photo. I can imagine it's a popular place for pictures. :)

  2. Next time you're picnic-ing in the hills give Kalorama lookout or Olinda lookout a try. I know what you mean by Skyhigh being a little too commercial, and it is often packed, but those two are always a bit quieter, and just as beautiful (especially Olinda lookout, it is tucked away down a dirt road, so most of the day-trippers don't know it's there, it's a bit of a local's secret)

  3. You look gorgeous as usual!
    Love the old Yarra valley trips. :) not too far to go as well. :)

  4. I went to Chandon a couple of years ago and really liked it, I remember saying back then that I wanted to go back for lunch.

    You are rocking that strapless black dress!

  5. The Chandon winery looks so beautiful. I think when I visit Melbourne I will check out a few wineries.

    Love your day to night outfit.

  6. The Yarra valley looks gorgeous, I have to get my butt down there one day..

    Also looking HOT in that black dress!!