Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas Catch Up #2

So after driving for a three days to get home for Christmas, it would make sense that SJ wanted to make macarons, right? Sadly not his best batch but I think the lack of patience to sift almond meal can be forgiven. These ones are candy cane flavoured, the ganache is made from melted candy canes, white chocolate, butter and cream.

For something different, this year the Christmas tree got to live outdoors...though all the presents were kept in stacks inside. My mum's tree is quite large so I think it made sense to have it outside!

Christmas Eve we had some family over and enjoyed a barbeque roasted feast. The amount of meat I ate over Christmas is really quite disgusting. I wonder what vegetarians make for Christmas...
My thirteen year old cousin loves doing hair, so she worked her magic on my sisters and I. I got something called a 'bow braid'. I could in no way replicate it myself.

Christmas Day (okay and dinner Christmas Eve, I outfit repeated) I wore a Christmas themed outfit. Something to match my nails.

Lunch on Christmas Day included more meat, roast duck, ham, turkey, beef...oh and little bit of salad.

Up next, how spoiled I was with presents...


  1. wow a thirteen year old did that? I think your cousin has a calling! hehe

  2. my gosh those plaits are amazing. I cannot even do the most basic of braids :(

  3. That hair style looks amazing & I LOVE you outfit :) I'm excited to see the next post too x