Sunday, April 20, 2014

5 months later...

Perhaps I only used to be a blogger, the way I used to dye my hair blonde and live in Melbourne. My life has changed quite a lot over the course of the last five months, yet at the same time, here I am sitting on my parent's couch typing away with nothing better to do.

Moving to Brisbane has been amazing, as lame as it sounds, watching my niece grow up and making her smile adds so much value to my life. She's adorable and perfect, as all nieces are, and just at that age where she's starting to show her individual personality. I've taken more than a thousand photos of her since she joined the family (no seriously, I have, Picasa tells me I have 1,027 photos of her face...) but I'll share just the one with you.
My baby sister, MissC, has recently moved north for a new job, sort of a repeat of my shift three years ago. Very sad to see her go but I'm sure she'll do well. Maybe I should make her start a blog so I can keep track of what she's up to, at the very least she might make some great online friends like I have.

My own life has been moving forward, SJ has a job, though not technically a full time position (it's research and tutoring at the university) it's allowed us to save up a house deposit while living at my parent's place and we've recently bought a house. Well, we haven't technically bought it yet but we have an unconditional contract and approved finance and it settles at the end of the month, so yay, we bought a house!

This blog may become a bit of a renovation blog as there's a fair bit of work to be done on the place, but I guess posts about us re-sanding floorboards have to be better than no posts at all, right?


  1. Welcome back and congrats on the house!! Looking forward to reading more about your reno!

  2. Yay, you blogged. Isn't little miss just adorable!

  3. Yay you are back! So jealous of you living in Brisbane hahaha!

  4. I'd love to see your reno! Do it! Are you moved in yet, or still settling? x