Wednesday, November 14, 2012

When it rains, it pours...

Another quick post with no photos attached. I have been meaning to write a number of posts lately but haven't found the time. Even now I am taking a break from writing a work related report (at 10pm!) to get this quick post out.

A few weeks ago I wasn't posting because I had nothing to write I have a lot of things to write about but can't find the time!

Posts you can expect as soon as I have time:
- some DIY projects from two weeks ago
- I spent last weekend in the Yarra Valley, lots of pictures to share
- I have a work trip over the next two days to northern Victoria
- my Mum is visiting Melbourne this weekend, we'll either do something fun or do some shopping
- Next week I'm off to Sydney for a conference (only told this week) and I'm meeting up with MrsG and Rhi while I'm there (which I'm quite excited about)
- When I get back, on Friday we've got tickets booked for the Underground Cinema
- and Saturday I'm heading to Ling's for a catchup

In other news, we won our netball grand final last night and I haven't followed my half marathon training plan for over two weeks.

If you're missing my posts, keep and eye on my instagram, I'll try and keep it updated while I'm in Sydney at least.

Can't wait to catch up on everyone's blogs at some point too!


  1. OMG i read it this Sat and in my head I was thinking HOLY COW DID I TELL EVERYONE THE WRONG DATE?
    LOL can't wait!!!

  2. yay missed your blogging!
    check out my new blog too!

  3. Hey I am not sure I might have missed you in Sydney. Hope the weather was kind to you. I am lagging in blogs too, just busy planning all these other things. Looking forward to getting back on track in blogger land.