Who am I?

Hi there!

I'm Miss Directions, but in real life, you'd know me as Ash.

Blogging since 2010, I write mostly to keep a record of the directions (and misdirections) life takes me. With a career in a technical field, I always have creative projects underway. An amateur photographer, first time renovator and 'wish I had more time and money' traveller if I'm not occupied by a project you will probably find me making plans.

My loved ones are also a bit part of my life and frequently the subject of my photographs. Respecting their privacy they don't appear on here too often. The one exception to that is SJ, I only hold back the really private stuff there. A few years ago I wrote a post on how we met, rather than have me re-type it, go read it here.

I like to read and believe that I will stop learning the day I stop living, I care about music though I currently own neglected instruments and from time to time I put thought into what I wear and the colour of my nails.

I dislike a lot of things (that's another post), but I definitely dislike gluten. Diagnosed with coeliac disease in 2014, food choices are occasionally difficult but generally my health is better now. Theoretically, I should have more energy to exercise again, but that's another one of those things I don't like that much...

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