Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas Catch Up #4

I have to admit, I find heading home for Christmas to be a little exhausting. Not just from the 21 hour drive to get there. Living away from all of our family and friends means out catch up list is usually quite long.

High on the list was visiting SJ's brother and sister-in-law and their three-year-old cutie. We were invited to stay the night (they're up in Toowoomba) so the visit was less rushed. Though, it did mean we had plenty of time to play and three-year-olds are hardly relaxing.
Manicures are relaxing though. I managed to slip one in (plus a pedicure) on a girls day out with a great friend. We had both decided to gift each other mani-pedi vouchers for Christmas so we made a day of it and saw Les Miserables in Gold Class as well (for those in the Sunshine State, much cheaper at Australia Fair than most other places!). I went for something different (as in, not red) and picked China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy. I'd never tried neon before and I really enjoyed it. The colour was different depending on the light and sometimes it really glowed. Oh and it matched the new pajamas MissC gave me for Christmas too!
I also managed to squeeze in a little shopping grabbing this dress for $7.50 (from ICE) and these shoes for $20 from Novo. I think they'll match my Lady Danger lipstick well (going to try them out this weekend).
I made it into Brisbane city a few times over the period to catch up with different friends and wandered through Southbank. I do miss the vibe of Brisbane, it's so very different to Melbourne. Could you imagine a lagoon and sunbathers outside the Crown Casino? Maybe if they added a few more fireball thingys  (which I've just googled and they are called 'Gas Brigades' okay).
While I was in Brisbane, mum also took the opportunity to update our family photos. Every now and then we have a family photo day (less than once a year really) where we all wear white shirts and jeans and take lots and lots of photos. Having SJ and one of the other boyfriends there this time meant we could do without the tripod/remote system and things ran much smoother. Added advantage, I managed to get some good shots of SJ and I together (with red shirts because he had no white). Beats the phone camera selfies we usually take when I want an 'us' shot.
And just like that, it was time to head south again. This time around, we drove straight from Brisbane to Canberra (having lunch with some relatives also heading south) and enjoyed a nice sunset as we approached Sydney.
Our final day of holidays was spent at MissA's place in Canberra where I met the other bridesmaids for her November 2013 wedding. Sunday morning we had actually gone shopping for bridesmaids dresses, so during afternoon tea the other girls modelled and approved them. The best part? They cost $120. For all three! Yes that's right, they were only $40 each. MissA has definitely had some luck with dress shopping for this wedding...
One final thing. Our pet fish 'Blue' sadly didn't make the return journey to Melbourne. He survived the trip up to Brisbane but died on New Years Eve. SJ and I buried him in my parents garden. His wine glass bowl sits empty next to the TV now and we're not sure if we'll replace him or plant cactus in it instead...


  1. I love lego! Ha.

    Those neon nails look good. Not something I would usually try either, but they don't look bad at all.

    Cute pictures of you and SJ. S and I should get some pics together. We got 4 while away and a couple are out of focus :-(

  2. I got Flip Flop Fantasy and it's the best for toes! Sometimes they look like they glow in the dark too.