Friday, August 21, 2015

Review: Go-To Skincare

For the last few years I have habitually used MooGoo Skincare (and still do!) but in the midst of the great rosehip drought of 2015 winter took its toll on my skin and I looked outside the MooGoo world.

I looked at reviews and blog posts for face oils searching for an alternative to rosehip oil that might bring my face back to life. In my search, Go-To Skincare's Face Hero popped up, given Go-To is all natural, australian owned (and made in NZ), cruelty free and a little quirky (all the things I liked about MooGoo) wrapped up in chic peach packaging, I decided to give Go-To Skincare a shot. Three months on and I'm now converted, so with my second order placed I thought I would share my thoughts.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Photography tips: What is twilight?

Everyone who owns a camera has photographed a sunrise or sunset at least once and it's well known that the 'golden hour' (the first or last daylight) is the best time for photography. I have countless photographs of sunsets (particularly from my balcony while living in Melbourne) but it was only once I started planning our trip to Iceland that I really researched the three different phases of twilight.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Blogging revisited.

I'm back. Again.

I actually thought a lot about my blog during the last three months as I struggled for the time and motivation to post. I would like for it to be more of a true expression of me and my life. Despite my lack of consistency, I don't want to shut it down, this blog represents some significant periods of my life and I will stubbornly continue to 'be a blogger', sporadically if need be.