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Highlighting the countries I've visited on a map of the world isn't particularly impressive (this is a Dymaxion/Fuller projection world map in case you were wondering). The map is definitely dominated by yellow countries and I have really only been to two areas but I am slowly travelling the world and I'm happy with how much I've seen so far.

You can expand each region below to find out where I've travelled when or you can read all about my adventures by viewing my 'travel' tag.

As my home country, I have spent the most time here. I've also spent more hours travelling on roads in Australia than travelling any other way. Growing up, my family took road trips with a caravan in tow and as an adult I took them with friends. My old job also had me out on the road at  times and while living in Melbourne, SJ and I drove back to Brisbane every Christmas.

My favourite trip was spending two weeks driving from Darwin to Alice Springs (Northern Territory). We camped at some amazing sites and only saw a handful of people each day.

Roads driven - Australia

My very first overseas trip was to New Zealand in 2006 with my family. It was also my first venture into online blogging, so if you want to check out some vintage Miss Directions (back when my online name was ashleightara), you can check it out here.

My first European trip was in the winter of 2007-2008 and included a Contiki trip around central Europe. My second trip was in the summer of 2013 and I travelled with my mother and one of my sisters and for some parts, my grandmother! Visiting similar places, I've now experienced many of them in both summer and winter.

SJ and I are currently planning our first overseas trip together for the winter 2015-2016, which will feature Iceland (finally a new country on the list!) and spending a lot of time in southern Germany and Austria.

Cities walked - Europe

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