Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sydney Trip

I know, I know, I should have my blogger licence revoked.

Jokes. I never got one to start with!

So a few weeks ago now I spent the week in Sydney for a conference...

This was my outfit for day one. Just to make sure everyone noticed me of course. I adore this red skirt, I bought it earlier this year from a TEMT outlet store at Harbourtown for less than $20 (after deciding I wanted to wear a red skirt on Bastille Day). I've definitely got my value out of it.

Ignore the wet hair, I had no choice, it was only once I woke up with disgusting hair that HAD to be washed that I realised there was no hair dryer in the suite.

I fixed that by buying a $20 travel on from Priceline during lunch.

The conference was held at Cockle Bay in Darling Harbour. Not a bad spot to be visiting from out of town.

After the special conference lecture (which finished at 8pm) I changed my skirt for jeans and my heels for flats and ventured over to Star City.

Not to gamble, to head to Zumbo's patisserie obviously. I got some macarons to bring home to share with SJ, was only able to buy the flavours they had going (really wanted salted caramel) so I got Lamington, Donut, Salt and Vinegar, Vanilla and Popcorn. The last was the best.

I also went for a bit of a wander through the city, didn't feel like I could visit Sydney and not stop by the bridge, even if it was at 10pm.

Day two was a grey Target dress with my favourite black Forcast cropped jacket. Very versatile.

To the conference dinner I wore a white dress (from Forever New) and accessorised with red. Tried out my MAC Russian Red for the first time (officially anyway) and freaked out all night that I needed to check up on it. It held up reasonably well with a few touch ups, but I'm not sure the look is worth the stress!

On the final day I wore a black dress but forgot to take photographs, I even teamed it with my new red leather jacket (that I bought while Mum was down) so I probably should have. Oh well.

I was supposed to meet up with Rhi for lunch, but she ditched me for a guy. A rather adorable one, but none the less I was disappointed haha.

I was lucky enough to manage a very quick visit with MrsG though, if only for half an hour at the airport before I ran off for my plane...which was (typically) delayed. No face photos since it was the end of the day, but we did do a hand one to prove we met!

Don't worry girls, I will definitely be back! I think SJ and I deserve a weekend away sometime soon!

And you're more than welcome to come visit us in Melbourne!


  1. Haha, I am still bummed we couldn't meet! Ah babies and their timing!

    Glad you enjoyed your trip. I definitely need to make a Melbourne trip!

  2. LOVE that skirt!! And I didn't know you were in Sydney! Should've had a coffee or a drink or something. Next time :)

    1. Thanks, and yeah it was a short notice thing (found out only the Wednesday before). Will plan a proper trip to Sydney that includes a weekend and arrange a big catch up with everyone :-D

  3. Yeap .. i love Temt!
    And yes please MrsG come visit us!

  4. I adore the red skirt!! Glad you got to meet some bloggers!!