Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Keeping Secrets

Looks like I haven't managed to get out of my blogging slump just yet.

In my defence I have been a little busy lately, spent the weekend in Brisbane and will be spending the next one in Canberra.

Work is also crazy.

I am also keeping secrets from you because I'm not ready to share them just yet. And those secrets are occupying precious brain space I don't want to share with remembering to take outfit photos and the like.

So no blog for the moment.

Will post pictures of the weekend just gone soon.

Ash xx


  1. I hope all is well! Have a nice week and can't wait to hear your secrets!

  2. Been wanting to catch up on your blog for a little while now... No time!
    Interesting.... There's always one thing that comes to mind in these situations....

  3. I read all the time and enjoy your posts - I don't often comment though. Just wanted to say that I hope your secrets are happy ones :)

  4. I thought the same thing Sammie!
    I hope you're well regardless of what the secret is, xx

  5. I'm with Aly, hope everything ok & thinking of you x

  6. Hope everything is okay and you are only keeping good secrets! xx

  7. Ohhh interesting... You have me wondering...

    Look forward to your pics from the weekend, take as much time as you like, you know we'll all wait! :)

  8. As everyone says, I hope the secret is a happy one! xx

    Look forward to future posts when you're back on board the blogging boat! :)

  9. Tis ok.. i had been sooo sick as well.
    Hope you've been good :)

  10. I also hope it is a good secret, looking forward to hearing it!

  11. I've been wondering whats happened to your blogging :)

    I also hope your secrets are happy ones and I look forward to reading more posts soon xx :)