Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Wall Stickers!!!!

A little bit late, but here they are!

For those of you who are wondering what I'm talking about, I first posted about my wall stickers here.

I ordered them all from The Wall Sticker Company, who were a pleasure to deal with. I had quick service, my order was finalised (some changes were made to cutting lines etc.) and shipped within 3 days. Then I just had to wait for the postman!

Cost (since I know you're all interested) was $190 for all of them, including postage! Much cheaper than printing photos on paper and I they won't leave any marks on my rental when I leave the place. I also think the vinyl itself makes quite a statement, they really look like they've been painted on the walls.

If only I was that good of an artist! they are...

The French Alps, Main Bedroom

Close up of the image. The quality is incredible, just doesn't show up great in my shrunken uploaded image.

Devils Marbles, Guest Bedroom (please excuse the misssing pillow case)
Another shot. I want to get rid of these furry pillows, any takers?
Story Bridge, Living Area; I wanted a photo mostly black and white but with some colour, this works really well
Another angle. Blue (my fish) says hi
Royal Exhibition Building, Dining Area. This is the only one I'm not super happy with, it printed a little dark and some of the detail has been lost. Still looks pretty good though!
Full Living/Dining shot. You can see the Story Bridge in the mirror.
The dining area from the kitchen, my 'collage' print is on the very edge of the hallway
The collage full wall height print, I adore this one. Had compliments on it already!
This shows it better, looking towards the door.
So, what do you think?

I love them so much. Trying to work out where I could fit some more, maybe I need one over the couch now...


  1. They look amazing! Love how your bedspread matches your blog ;)

    1. It does. Not related at all though, the quilt was made by SJ's mum for his 21st birthday (though he only got it last year and he's 27 now).

  2. Oh my gosh, they're STUNNING Ash!!! What a smart idea.

  3. love the collage!! price is pretty good for all of them.

  4. Love the stickers. I haven't seen photos done like that before. The collage is absolutely fantastic:)

  5. They look amazing! So unique, and I love that each one has its own personal touch.

    On another note, I looooove Blue's home! I had a similar idea, and definitely going to do it now that I can see how fantastic it looks! :)

  6. They look so good, I've never seen anything like this before.

    I may have been taking a squizzy at the apartment while looking at the pics, it looks so nice :)

    Hi Blue!

  7. Wow the stickers look great, I love the wall height one, what a great way to have something interesting in the doorway

  8. They look fantastic!! The photos are so beautiful already and in your home, they look even better xx

  9. I think they look amazing, especially love that collage shot. I have been buying a few decals from Etsy for our new place, but I love the idea of having photos decals as well.

  10. The collage prints are a great idea! Defintely stealing this for my bedroom make over x

  11. wow.. I love these wall stickers by using home looks more beautiful. I would like to purchase for my home as well.

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