Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Hair and Tan

Let me first apologise for not posting in a few days. I knew my first post would have to be able my hair and tan but I wasn't happy with either. So I wallowed instead. Never fear, I am posting now and I am getting my hair fixed. Read on to see why...

This is me on my way to the salon, just a 'before' shot.

This is what I was wearing...Red leather jacket (bought from Queen Vic Markets) teamed with my brown Kmart jeans and a pair of red boots I have had so long they have been reheeled too many times...speaking off, the little heel thiny even came off on Saturday so they will need to be done again...

I am so rugged up because SJ and I went to the Queen Vic markets first but I will post of the rest of my weekend tomorrow. Including my 'it makes me feel better' shopping trip and my outfit decisions for the wedding next weekend...

This is me in the chair. As you can see, I've got a lot of foils going on there. I told the hairdresser I wanted to go blonder and brighter without going 'all blonde'. He suggested adding low lights as well as two blonde colours, I agreed as long as the low lights lent towards red rather than brown.

Back when I did dye my hair, I only got part line foils. This time, I got a full set, mostly because I was getting those low lights and wanted them in the underlayers of my hair. The hairdresser thought it was best and I trusted him.

A shot of my nails in the good salon lights and my free Priceline bag (holding my baggy clothes for after my tan)...

Three hours later...this is me in the car rushing to my tan appointment half an hour late (hair at 9, tan at 12...I'd have thought I'd make it!). I was pretty happy with the results from what I could see.

This is me outside attempting to get a natural light shot later in the day, the wind didn't help me out as far as that goes though. I do like the colours here.

This is an inside, over the shoulder shot. As you can see, it doesn't look much blonder at all but I'm actually pretty happy with the multiple colours in it.

This however, is a BIG problem. The front and part section of my hair looks so tiger striped. The more I looked at it and noticed it, the worse I felt. The red is too dark to have that close to my face and the blonde is white (or looks white next to the red) and it made me feel gross.

Not happy.

This is my hair the next day, after a wash (I seriously shampooed it 3 times...) and in the sun. It's much more obvious but I think it shows I'm not seeing things. The front of my hair has waaaaaaaaaaaay too much red in it.

Thankfully I was able to ring the salon (who were shut on Sunday and didn't help my mood) and get another appointment for tomorrow (Wednesday) to get it fixed. I don't think it will take much when I really am happy with the back of it...I just want the top to match, or ideally, be that little more 'golden blonde' I so desire.

Meanwhile...my tan...

I got an AVIVA tan from a salon that have only just started doing tans. Possibly where my mistake lies...there was a woman who tans at home recommended by a friend...but now she distributes AVIVA product instead and this place was one of the places she has just started selling to.

The salon was a hair/wax place with a new nail/tan girl there. She was very nice and apologised for the renovations going on...which meant I had to get my tan in one of those tents. No biggie.

I got an EXPRESS tan that I could wash off after 2-5hours one I was happy with the colour. The tanner thought that would be best for my first tan so I could give her an idea of how dark I wanted to be next time.

I washed off after 3 and this is what my legs look like.

Standing in full sun I have to admit they look a bit more orange than they probably are/were but I think the colour was still a little too orange for me.

Now I don't know if you can see it, but the outsides of my legs are paler than the front and backs are. I'm not really sure how/why this is or whether I'm to blame...I did choose to wear loose pants after the tan.

I also think my feet and stomach look a bit dirty, probably because I'm just so used to being pale it seems weird that they are tan.

Also took a bit of getting used to on my face, but it has faded now...and I have a few new pimples so I don't know if I can blame the tan or that's my bad eating over the weekend.

So people, any thoughts?

I have another tan booked for Friday night. One of the proper 8 hour develop ones which I will have and then jump on a plane to Brisbane...is this a good idea? The wedding is on Monday night, so Friday works best for the 3 day rule (well I am assuming it's a rule anyway).

Hopefully tomorrow evening I will be super happy with my hair, will post to Facebook/Twitter if I am :-)

Speaking of, did you see my broken record? So sad. Was meant to be turned into a gorgeous clock for my sister, it's rubbish now...


  1. OMG the red - I hope you show them the photo! I am quite sure they can get rid of the red. Keep us posted how you go.

    Meanwhile the tan - yes it does look patchy. I can safely say I am a spray tan queen. I have tried them all. Now are you getting the tan then going on a plane? If so I wouldn't because you need time to dry and also with the belt and what not it could damage the tan sitting on a flight - I know this because I have done it before. . If I were you I would get a tan done thursday night. Quite a dark one at that then have a shower the next day and then it naturally fade. By Monday it will be a nice shade pending you dont have 10 showers in between. I would also invest in a tinted moisturiser that tans you or a prolong tanning moisturiser.

    Happy tanning !

    1. I have the palmers cocoa butter gradual, I think I will stick with using that in future. Tossing up about getting a tan on Thursday night as I have PT then and would have to cancel...hmm...

  2. Oh you poor thing! I hate going to hairdressers because they always seem to stuff blonde up! Hope they fix it for you.

    As for your tan.. I never get spray tans anymore because it seems so risky. I just do my own tanning at home. I once had an experience where I went into a 'booth' only to wake up the next day still pale. I used to use Body Bronze salons and they were fine (not sure how they would be now). I would get mine 2 nights before (so Thurs if it was for Sat) and then moisturise each day. The colour probably came out uneven because they sprayed it wrong id say. Goodluck :)

    1. 2 nights before would be great, but it's a Monday night wedding and I leave melbourne on Friday night. I think gradual tanners are going to be my best bet now.

  3. God don't you hate it when you look forward to those kinds of girly things and come out feeling annoyed at how bad it is? I hope they fix your hair, so much red! I hated getting foils done so heavy on my head!

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