Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Renovations...Polishing the floor

First of all, Happy Birthday to me! I'm now only 1 year off scary.

As luck would have it, today's post is on of my favourite results of our home renovation, polishing the floor. A lot of what we were doing was leading up to the floor and it was the last piece of major work before we could really start living there. I'm so happy with the results, we get a lot of complements on it and it's super shiny. The decision to go gloss vs matte wasn't a hard one for me, matte is a bit on trend but high gloss is definitely classic and really brings out the natural colours of the timber.

Our schedule for the week ended up something like this:

- Weekend - sanding the floors
- Monday night - returning the drum and edge sanders and picking up an orbital, cleaning all the dust from everything and very very lightly mopping the floor
- Tuesday night - first coat of two-pack polish (finished just before 11pm) [We used Urethane Duothane]
- Wednesday night - scratch sanding the first coat, another lot of cleanup and the second coat of polish (finished after 11pm)
- Thursday night - repeat of Wednesday
- Friday night - admired our shiny new floors (though we also noticed lots of flaws)

By the next weekend we were exhausted, we were staying at my parents place while we couldn't be on the floors so were barely home before midnight each night. We had a bit of a rest on the weekend at least, the floors couldn't have any heavy traffic or furniture on them for 7-10 days so there wasn't much we could do inside. Instead, SJ got to work in the garden and I did little jobs. During the week we also had our gutters replaced, had an escalation in our possum problem and I worked on a rug I am making...but I'll save them for another post.

Living area

Living and Hallway

The dining/kitchen doorway (taken at night), most of the scratches came out

The kitchen

The kitchen again
Bed 2

Main bedroom

Hallway/Toilet space. The change in timber colour is noticeable but I like it

And finally, Bed 3