Thursday, February 21, 2013

Frankston and Mum's Visit

Mum came to visit me for the weekend and I took her on a mini road trip.

We started with a drive down to Frankston to see the Sand Sculpture display. Very detailed and time consuming work, I definitely wouldn't have the patience.

The beach there was much nicer than I was expecting, and incredibly tempting on such a hot day. Mum and I weren't prepared for the beach though so we didn't even touch the sand (which is a bit crunchy compared to the Queensland beaches).

It did make me want to revisit it though, so SJ and I rode the 60km down to Frankston this recent Sunday for a swim and lunch before catching the train back to the city. I think I'm still sore.

Continuing on our mini-road trip, Mum and I drove along the coast to Arthurs Seat and right through to Sorrento. We caught the ferry over to Queenscliff and drove through Geelong back to Melbourne. Was a good little adventure!

On Sunday we (SJ, Mum and I this time) visited the South Melbourne markets (where Mum bought a dress and I didn't buy anything) and then ventured to the St Kilda Festival (where we ate way too much sugar).

Was definitely a good weekend!


  1. How lovely! Seems like a nice weekend and your mum looks fantastic!

    I didn't know they had sand sculptures down in Frankston! The details look so intricate - you're right about the patience!!

    - KK

  2. 60km bike ride? You two are crazy!

    Looks like a great weekend though, road trips are so fun!

  3. I cannot believe you rode 60km?! I don't even think I could make it down the end of my street!!! Impressive!

    How long did that day? I would guess a day and a half. haha

  4. LOL about this as I would want to visit but I don't want to go to Frankston. *SNOB*