Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What I've been up to...

1. Undergound Cinema - theme was 70s Summer so this was my outfit.

Movie was Lords of Dogtown complete with mock skateboarding comp to start the evening, surf shop room and dingy living room atmosphere...and a tonne of bean bags.

Haven't heard of the Underground Cinema before? Buying a ticket entitles you to an evening that's part movie, part theatre, part mystery. You don't know the location until a few days before, and you're given some sort of 'direction' once you're there. For this one it was 'follow the roller skating girl on the boardwalk'. You don't know the movie until the title pops up on the screen. Between getting there and the movie starting you're exposed to a bunch of actors all playing the part and setting the mood. For Lords of Dogtown that included a skateboarding competition and a lot of 70s slang. Past events have included a zombie march (28 Days Later) and a tour of futuristic London (Children of Men).

If this interests you (and it should) you should head to their website and sign up for the newsletter, tickets sell within a few days of their release (over a month before the event) and last time there were 3 events in Melbourne and 1 in Sydney. For those of you in Melbourne, there was a discussion among some bloggers that we should have a meet at the next one so I will keep you posted.

Speaking of other bloggers, some quick snaps from a bbq a few weeks back at Ling's (from Pork Chop's Nest). Ling put on a great feast for us and I had a great day. It was great to meet a few other bloggers...even though it was technically a beauty bloggers meet and I invited myself haha.

The 'theme' was races day, pretty much because one of the lovely ladies wanted to wear her fascinator. So this is what I wore. Picked my fascinator up in the post races sale in Myer. Dress is one I've worn a lot (from Portmans last year).

Speaking of outfits, I wore this one at some point over the last month. Sort of my typical work outfit of late, still wearing tights most days as it's cold enough in the air con.

This outfit is a bit more fun. I wore this to our office Christmas lunch, definitely not colours I would combine for any other day. This shirt is the only item of clothing I own that is green! Teamed with my frequently appearing red skirt and Santa-like black belt it did the trick. I even wore little Christmas tree earrings.

And this was the food on offer. We chowed down at the New Quay Buffet in Docklands, definitely a good place to go when there are a lot of people...so many choices! Everything from sushi to lamb chops and plenty of fresh seafood and salad. Not to mention an entire wall of dessert including a chocolate fountain with marshmallows for dipping.

I also had to get my licence renewed (both because I should have a Vic one and it would have expired tomorrow). Making an appointment at VicRoads was a real pain, Carlton (which is the closest to me and the city) was booked out until Christmas! So off to Sunshine I went (and I survived!). Meant a farewell to my laminated Queensland card and picture of me looking oh so young.

Phew. Long post.

I'll post again tomorrow with an update on all the Christmas stuff going on here, including a bit of nail art I intend to paint tomorrow night (Sorry Soph, decided to do them tomorrow night instead!). Then Friday we hit the road, I'm quite excited!


  1. Do you still work in the building on Collins St? My boyfriend does aswell (Medibank) and I agree the aircon in there is like ICE!! Haha so annoying wearing tights even during summer!

    1. That's the head office building, I'm on the other side of Etihad :-) still cold though.

      Tights are annoying, but at least I ride in so I'm not wearing them until I'm IN the office.

  2. I actually like the red and green combo! hahaha the bright colour blocking is a winner for me.

    1. Actually I can agree with you on that, I do like the colour blocking element. Maybe more so if the top was blue though? it just screams Christmas to me :-)

  3. hahha you could have kept your Qld lisence! I had the same thing happen last year, as I had moved to Melb and needed a new one and had to trade in my old laminated plastic Qld license for a fancy schmancy microchip Victoria one - however the lady at VicRoads let me keep my old Qld one, as long as she punched a hole in it! yay! I wanted to keep it to show my kids, its also a funny story to tell non Qlders, that 'up until 2011, Qld had these licenses' and people look at you in disbelief.
    I know, how annoying is VicRoads and both the location of their offices and their stupid appointment system! I went to the Camberwell one on Glenferrie Rd and had to take the morning off work. So glad I sold my car and don't have to deal with them anymore!

  4. I love both of those outfits. The Christmas one is so cheery and looks really good.

    The Underground cinema looks like a lot of fun. I've subscribed :-)

    I wish Sydney had those buffet places to eat. I am pretty sure we don't have any.

  5. Glad you survived Sunshine :) Next...Knifepoint (Highpoint) LOL.

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