Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas Catch Up #3

My mother and sisters know about this blog and have taken to reading it on occasion. Apparently the criteria for a good present this year wasn't 'something Ash would like' but 'something Ash would blog about'.

I was rather spoiled this Christmas but don't want to bombard you with every little thing I received, so here are the highlights...

A pair of red, Ray-Bans with iconic London cartoons printed on the inside of the frames. They are insanely cute!
A variety of accessories including a Hopscotch bracelet from PeepToe and black glitter clutch. MissC gave me the choker necklace and watch.
MissE gave me (and SJ I guess) a new esky. She regretted that she didn't find a red one until after she bought a neon green one, but I like that it stands out. And it matches the new picnic blanket she bought me.
MissT bought me a picnic basket (which matches the picnic blanket) which I used for a picnic with friends in New Farm Park on New Year's Day.
And this present is one I left behind (I'm sure I won't need it for a while!). My grandmother has spent the last two years candle-wicking (embroidering) baby bunny quilts for her seven grandchildren. She finished them all in the lead up to Christmas and presented them to us. Each one is slightly different in lace and material and obviously being hand made, very unique. Perfect timing too as one of my cousins has recently announced the she is pregnant, so Nanna's first great-grand child should be getting use out of their quilt in June.

One more Christmas post to go.


  1. That quilt is soooooooooooo stunning!!! I don't think I can forgive you for leaving it behind LOL. I am seriously coveting it for my own baby and nursery. How special and wonderful. Well done to your grandmother!!! I can't believe she made 7 of them. Do you think she could do one more for me?? HEHEHE. I am actually making a quilt with my mum for the baby. This is so inspiring.

    1. You'll have to forgive me :-P
      I left it behind so my mum can store it safely for me (wrapped in acid free paper etc.) I don't have much storage in my apartment and all my linen is kept in boxes under the spare bed. Not where I'd want to keep such a precious quilt!
      When I move back to QLD and live in a house I'll find a better place for it :-)

  2. Such lovely gift for Christmas. You looked like you've had a lovely holiday!I especially heart the idea of the baby quilts, that's so special.

  3. Quilt is amahzzinggg. And I love how you have received 15 min and 30 min meals. :)

  4. Those gifts are so cute! I love that quilt, what a special keep sake.

    Those glasses are cool.

  5. lol things you can blog about - not bad criteria i'd say?

    love the picnic things!

  6. I love the inside of the Ray Bans - very cute! And the quilt is really gorgeous! It's lovely!

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