Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Introducing Our House...the BEFORE Pics

As I mentioned in my last post, our house has changed quite a bit over the last 5 months. A lot of changes aren't that noticeable from the before photos (a room that has asbestos that's been gutted and re plastered still looks like a room) but we've definitely seen our hard work pay off.

I'll go through the changes room by room in the next few posts. But this is what we started off with...

Our House - Front Facade
The house hasn't changed much from the outside yet, still a lot to do before we get to that. This doesn't show it in it's true original state either, SJ had already cleaned a lot of black and grime off the garage doors and driveway at this point and all the curtains are gone from inside.

The Front Room
When you first enter the house you're greeted with this front room. It was originally a verandah but was built in some time in the 70s. Since this photo the room has been gutted and then left untouched, it has a concrete floor (that's lino not timber) and didn't need to be completed for the floors to be polished so we've left it be for now.

The Lounge Room
This is the lounge room, complete with original carpet. It was so gross and was the first thing to go. I still wore shoes in the house right up until we sanded/polished the floors.

The Dining Room
The dining room gives a hint of the timber floors hiding underneath the carpets, but they were very scratched and sunburnt before we sanded them back.

The Kitchen
The kitchen was all original, except for parts a previous owned must have decided to remove (and a newish oven obviously). And as you can see, no original in a quaint 'lets keep those features' kind of way, but original in a 'omg was it last cleaned by the original owners?' kind of way.
The Kitchen (reverse angle)
The lino floor split a long time ago and was held together with duct tape. The hallway (to the right) also had exposed timber flooring, but again, it was badly scratched and worn.

The Bathroom
The bathroom is the least changed room in the house. It's functional and asbestos free so it hasn't been touched (except to replace that shower curtain) we intend to remove that toilet and put in a cupboard in the short term before redoing the entire bathroom down the track. Not sure why there was an extra toilet in here when there's a separate one around the corner. It came in handy though, as the toilet was removed with the asbestos.

The WC
Since this toilet was removed we've re-plastered the room and put in a new toilet, the floor now has lino on it though (since it's all temporary until the bathroom gets redone). The lino is what you can see in the foreground, just sitting over the bare timber floor. We think previous owners dealt with a leak in the bathroom and replaced the floorboards under the toilet and bathroom area with recycled ones.
Bed 2
Bed 2 started with a built in wardrobe (which was removed with the asbestos), green palm carpet and both hanging curtains and a pile on the floor.

Bed 1
Bed 1 had a different carpet (more short pile) and another pile of curtains on the floor, I think maybe they replaced them with the blue ones but forgot to remove them for the sale? The carpet also had a big chunk cut out of it where I think a wardrobe used to be. Before someone installed an air conditioner in that space at least. Speaking of, every room had a split system air conditioner, tv and data points. Sound like a share house to you?

Bed 3
And finally, Bed 3. My favourite room for the original shag pile carpet. When we ripped up this carpet we discovered all sorts of pens, pencils, coins and rubbish both in it and under it. Gross!

Stay tuned for more progress pics!


  1. Oh don't rip out the second toilet? It's always handy to have more than one when you have more people in the house, especially smaller people who'd have wee bladders (hint hint)

  2. Lol. I probably should have mentioned that there is a third toilet and second shower downstairs? Ripping out this one will allow me put in a separate bath and shower instead...I hate stepping over the bath into the shower and am always worried I'll slip!

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