Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I finally resigned from work. I was dreading it so much, I know that we're in a really busy period right now and leaving would cause a strain on everyone.

But when I told them they were really great about it, said they thought it was a good opportunity for me and a great workplace and that they enjoyed having me work for them and would be sorry to see me go.

So now I'm feeling really good about it all and I'm actually going to enjoy these last few weeks at work.

Went shopping on the weekend to start gathering things I'll need to deck out my place (living at home I have nothing) and looked at Ikea furniture. Going to take the boy to Ikea on Friday night to make sure he has no major objections to what I've picked. The chairs are likely to be too loud and girly for his tastes but I can be very convincing...besides I'm paying for them :-)

Really looking forward to moving now, with the major exception of leaving my family, I think my mum is using shopping with me as a coping mechanism. Still five and a half weeks to go.