Friday, November 2, 2012

The Engineer and The Teacher

A few weeks ago inspiration hit me and I wrote a little short story.

Thought I would share it with you to perk up Friday afternoon...

The Engineer and The Teacher

The Teacher surveys the class; it’s relatively quiet for once. The Students are working hard on their Valentine’s cards. The room is decorated with pink and red hearts and streamers, The Teacher arrived early today to make the room festive. Valentine’s Day has always been a favourite.

The Teacher had been hoping for reservations somewhere nice, but The Engineer has been working late most nights. Truth be told, The Engineer will probably relax more watching the football tonight anyway and The Teacher is a pretty good cook.

The Assistant brings coffee into The Engineer’s office, shifting building plans to make space on the desk. ‘You look like you could use one’ she offers with a sympathetic smile. The Engineer mutters thanks as The Assistant returns to her desk placing her own coffee beside her keyboard and a small bouquet of red roses.

Valentine’s Day.

The Engineer had forgotten, days are misplaced so easily lately. It’s already after lunch and too late to head out, will have to search for something last minute on the way home. The Engineer used to care more about these things but work has just been rather absorbing of late. At least the weekend would be work-free for once, no clients wanting to meet for golf and no out of town site visits. With some big tenders in progress, the last few weeks have been rough and The Teacher has been so understanding. The Engineer vows not to be home too late tonight.

The bell rings and The Students excitedly pack up their things. The Teacher watches them with a fond smile as they present their glitter filler masterpieces to their gushing parents. On the way home from school, The Teacher shops for last minute supplies, determined to have a romantic setup waiting The Engineer’s arrival.

It’s after sunset when The Engineer finally packs up the project plans and decides to call it a day. Most of the office has left by now and the few remaining guys are heading to the pub for Friday drinks and to watch the game. The Engineer heads home to The Teacher.

Opening the door, the smell that greets the Engineer means The Teacher is cooking up a storm. ‘Welcome home Honey’ The Teacher calls from the kitchen ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’. The table is set with candles and a bottle of their favourite wine.

Presenting the convenience store bouquet, The Engineer kisses her husband. ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ she says with a smile, knowing how incredibly lucky she is.


Hope you liked it! Feel free to let me know what you think, I don't write much except technical reports these days so I can always use advice. I'm a little worried if my themes were obvious or not, SJ read it and totally missed the point. Which (in case you missed it too) was that sometimes it's easy to assume gender based on someone's profession...not that women should be happy enough with cheap bouquets!


  1. That's a great story! I picked up the themes, but I had a slight inkling when reading it that there would be a little twist because I know your profession :-)

    1. My sister was exactly the same when she read it :-)

      But SJ read it and somehow missed the opposite sex thing and just thought it was about a woman appreciating her husband working hard and bring her flowers haha...boys.

    2. I completely missed it too XD till I read your comment and went back and read it again.

  2. I was waiting for a twist and I thought it was very cleverfully done. cute.

  3. I loved this, this is v-day for so many these days. It doesn't matter how much or how little you do to show long as your loved ones know xx

  4. I was kind of expecting the twist, but it was done very well, what a good idea. And for the record, I am always happy with cheap bouquets!! haha