Thursday, November 21, 2013

Welcome to the world...

My gorgeous little niece arrived early morning on Sunday 17th November.

MissE called me as soon as her water broke (and I booked flights to visit) and then I was up most of the night getting text updates from Mum who was supporting MissE through her labour (her partner was there also of course).

I'm so proud of my sister, she doesn't like pain much and wanted Mum to kill her when she was only 2cm dilated. She made it all the way (with a little help from suction after 2 hours spent at 10cm) without an epidural. BabyS arrived at 5:23am QLD time, weighing 7lb9 and 53cm long.

MissE, her partner and BabyS are doing well. They went home on Monday afternoon to their new house (MissE only moved in on the previous Thursday) and are settling in to life as a family.

I took Wednesday off work and flew up to visit, I'm up again next weekend so it's only eight days until I'll be seeing her again but I miss BabyS so much already.

I'm also still waiting on something official from work, but I'll be leaving Melbourne on December 20th to move to Brisbane...I'm finally going home.


  1. Yay! Welcome to the world, Scarlett. She's pretty lucky to have an Aunty like you!! x

  2. That first photo! She looks so perfect. Crazy how you and I both move around the same time. I leave Sydney on the 21st Dec! Stars aligning.

  3. Aww congrates Miss E

    and I'm so glad you finally get to come home :)

  4. I wanna move back too, take me with you????

    That little foot is GOOOOOOORGEOUS!! Enjoy the little darling xx