Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Blogging revisited.

I'm back. Again.

I actually thought a lot about my blog during the last three months as I struggled for the time and motivation to post. I would like for it to be more of a true expression of me and my life. Despite my lack of consistency, I don't want to shut it down, this blog represents some significant periods of my life and I will stubbornly continue to 'be a blogger', sporadically if need be.

Is the art of blogging dying anyway? I feel like a lot of the bloggers have either got sponsors or given up, choosing to share their lives via social media instead. I don't want to be in either camp, I never wanted to be a professional blogger but I feel blogging has so much more to offer than just social media (and better search functions!). Might be just me though, most posts I read these days have less comments and everyone is tweeting and liking things instead. Maybe that's what blogs need, a little way to 'like' a post and acknowledge you have read it but have nothing constructive to add as a comment.

I will acknowledge that I need to make this blog something that I would actually read, at the moment it's boring even to me. I read blogs regularly through Feedly but also stumble on new blogs or 'one off reads' through Google searches. On a side note, I perform a lot of searches, my Google stats tell me I have performed over 62,000 searches while logged in - I may have a search addiction. The blog posts I usually read from searches are ones on tips and advice or personal experience and reviews. While I'm far from an expert at anything, I feel like I learn a lot of things I can share.

This blog as also had a visual makeover and I have created a set of images I can use for photo-less posts. I'm proud of my images, so that may serve as additional posting motivation.


  1. I get it! Always here to see your latest posts. While I agree blogging seems to be dying, and the posts, commitments, followers and commenters appear to have faded over the last few years i think we might be similar in its more about us doing what we want supposed to to what the world wants :) hope that makes sense, glad to see you around again.

    1. Glad to be back :-) I've even started drafting up the next post! hehe

  2. A lot of people are leaving their blogs, the amount I've unfollowed due to them stopping is double digits on the high end. I have to say, blogging is kind boring for me as I don't do it to make money, it's still the old fashioned blogging to show or talk about stuff. I do prefer FB and Insta these days, smaller content in regular bouts is a lot easier.

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