Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What's been keeping me busy...

In the last month, I've co-hosted a hen's night and a baby shower, attended a wedding for SJ's cousin and was maid of honour at MissA's wedding. There was a lot of prep involved in hosting the hens and shower but I couldn't share any of it as I was working on it, MissA and MissE both read my blog on occasion and I didn't want to spoil any surprises.

MissA's hens night was Cinderella themed. I put together goodie bags containing chocolate shoes in cardboard carriages, foot files (with tags attached mentioning princes paying attention to feet), moisturiser and pens engraved with the date.

We (the bridesmaids) bought MissA a Cinderella costume to wear for the day (and a dress to change into for the evening), I was the Fairy Godmother and a handful of her other friends were mice, cats, pumpkins etc. The afternoon began with a fancy tea party at her mother's house for all her female relatives and friends. We played games and drank and ate. Then headed out to dinner. The friends then continued back to a hotel room for some festivities and followed that with a trip out for dancing. She appeared to have an amazing time at least, we don't have too many photos of the event...some things should stay private haha

MissA is now married and off on her honeymoon in Thailand, her wedding was lovely and I want to share pictures with you all, but I think I'll wait for the professional ones to be finished and hopefully she will let me share a few of those. The photographer shared a short slideshow during the reception and some of the shots were amazing!

MissE on the other hand is almost 38 weeks pregnant, so I am expecting a nibling any day now. And hopefully, I can make it up to visit as soon as bub arrives. Her baby shower was gender neutral with a bee theme, and a little bit of Winnie the Pooh (who has always been her favourite Disney character).

MissT did most of the work for the baby shower, but I did what I could from Melbourne. I had a few weekends worth of craft to put together honey pots and polymer clay bees. I also made Winnie the Pooh themed letters that MissE can put up in the baby's room.

The baby shower itself was amazing. We had around 40 guests, so lots of food and laughter was involved. MissE also had quite a lot of gifts at the end of the day, I know our friends and family are generous and excited about the baby (one of the first of the generation) but I was still blown away by exactly how generous they all were. She has so much stuff that I'm not sure what else I'm going to be able to gift when the baby does arrive. I guess when we discover the gender, there will be all sorts of extra cute things to get.

As for SJ and I, he's back in Melbourne now (the uni semester has finished) and all things going to plan, we should both be moving back up to Brisbane just before Christmas. Just waiting on official confirmation from work and to sign off on a few things...when I know for sure I'll scream it from the rooftops.


  1. Love the goodie bags and polymer clay bees! It's posts like these (fortunately rare :) that make me wish I have female friends (all my friends are boys/men). :P

  2. Wow, you throw awesome theme parties! I really love everything on here! Hurrah you're moving too! and back to beign with your family. You must be excited abt the prospect. Hope to catch up more on that soon.

  3. You have been busy!

    You are so creative, you did so well :)