Monday, October 27, 2014

Renovations...The kitchen (part 2)

Attaching our cupboard doors was a bit of a drama. When my cousin delivered the kitchen to our house, I was busy painting the bifold door and window. I didn't help unload it but her husband presented me with a bag of screws for the doors reminding me that they were very important and I should put them somewhere safe. I swear I did but for the life of me, I couldn't/can't find them. I fear they were put with other old screws/nails/etc. and thrown out by a helper. We searched for new screws to purchase, but most are sold with hinges (worth $10-20 each) but in the end bought a $3 pack of screws the right gauge but wrong length which SJ cut down at work. Worked a treat in the end! Now we have cupboard doors the kitchen looks a lot more finished.

We also bought two cheap white melamine pantries for either side of the fridge. The fridge is about 700mm deep and sticks out quite noticeably, but we didn't have much choice. The doorway between the dining and kitchen only gives 500mm of wall space (the one we widened on the other side, shortening the door was too much effort with matching the plaster) so we could only have 500mm deep pantries (rather than the usual 600mm deep bench/cupboards). We were going to use a pigeon pair hand-me-down from my sister, but the freezer is broken and would cost $700 to fix (or $1200 to replace) so we decided to stick with our old fridge.

The pantries should look better when I paint the kitchen cupboards, we're planning on a warm grey. A lot of people like the green, but as you know I'm a Red girl so I'm not a huge fan. I'll also be tiling the kitchen splash back with white subway tiles (I say 'I will' but Dad wants to at least do the first course so he's sure I've got them level ha). We're also making a small cabinet to fit i the 150mm gap between the oven tower and drawers, current plan is for pull out spice racks. Haven't put any kickboards on yet either, but the kitchen is functional, all the appliances are connected and everything else is on The List.
From the door (ignore the side of the bench, I still haven't glued on the strip there)

From the living room corner, the beige cabinet is a Bunnings Kaboodle one to fill the space

From the hallway door, we'll be replacing that external door. 

The fridge/pantries it does stick out a fair bit. And we positioned that low powerpoint badly

Another one with the ugly door.


  1. The green does look good... Are your intentions to go red?

    I particularly like the 'tile' feature of the wall :P

    1. No more a pale grey/beige colour to work with the walls and bench. I'll probably still have red highlights in the kitchen but I don't want to lock myself into that, if that makes sense. A lot of my kitchen gadgets and tea towels are already red though ha

  2. what a resourceful way to plan out your kitchen, matching the cabinets for whatever fills the gaps/ measurements and then painting it all to match. I'd never have thought to DIY custom it this way, I spent $7k on custom cabinets (and glass splashback) for our kitchen when we did it but in hindsight your way may have been so much more cost efficient. Must be good to have a fully functional kitchen in the house. Makes it more like a home now doesn't it?

    1. Given the kitchen was free, yes quite cost effective. $600 for the new oven, $150 for the sink and $500 for the benches. Then another $300 in the the tiles (which were about $19/m) and the paint, should come in under $2k. It was meant to be a temporary solution, with the plan that in a few years when we've fixed other bits of the house we'll upgrade and do it properly with a stone bench and two-pack cabinets etc. but if the painted cabinets don't look too painted it may last longer!

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