Friday, October 17, 2014

Renovations...Painting the walls

For the walls we chose Dulux (Wash'n'Wear) in Grand Piano Quarter, the ceilings are just Dulux ceiling white. I didn't use any sample pots but went off paint chips and lots of google searches, from everything I had read it was a beige/warm grey that throws green. I first sampled the paint on the kitchen wall (below where cabinets would go) and didn't like it, it looked too lemon for my liking. The paint wasn't stirred properly though and once we actually put the colour on the walls I was very happy with it.

As you'll notice in the photos, depending on the light it definitely throws different tones. Under a brilliant white/blue white the room looks a lot more grey but with a warm light it looks much more beige/yellow. In direct sunlight the rooms look cream, in indirect sunlight they look more like off-white.

All in all I'm happy with the colour, it's a warm neutral that contrasts well with the white (our trim/doors will also be white) but doesn't look too harsh with a black or cool grey. The colour went on over the last weekend of July (26-27th) by which point we'd owned the house for almost 3 months.

Bed 3 in direct sunlight (looks a bit beige)

Bed 3 with indirect natural light (more like the 'real' colour)
Bed 3 again in natural indirect light

Bed 3 again with direct light (slight more grey)

Bed 2 

Bed 2

Main bedroom (throwing more of the green/grey)

Another of the main bedroom
Living area in direct light (looks more yellow)

Living again from a different angle (less yellow) with a pop up appearance from my Mum and neice


  1. What a feat to paint a whole room. I definitely notice a difference. The color looks so nice!

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