Thursday, July 12, 2012

The last 7 days...

Thursday I made this card for the newlyweds. May sound scabby but I have ony given $100 in cash as a gift to each of the weddings I have been to this year. Well this does mark #5 and SJ still doesn't have a real job so I don't feel too guilty. Surely I get extra points for folding it nicely anyway?

Friday I wore this to work.

Rather boring but my blue cashmere scarf livens the look up a little.

See my rose-gold earrings? I usually wear yellow gold ones but changed knowing I will want to wear them to the wedding.

Well I have one in my left ear in this photo, taken in the wicked sunset light as I rushed to leave for the airport.

I got on the plane and that earring was missing! Think I lost it due to the scarf wear somewhere around security or boarding the plane.


Lucky I packed backups...

This is what I wore to the wedding on Saturday. SJ is in the grey suit next to me. Probably the only time he was standing actually, he spent most of the wedding sitting down like the old man in the corner...

Sadly, the only photograph I have of myself from the day, was too distracted seeing people and staying warm (was easily just on 10 degrees in the Gold Coast Hinterland) that I forgot.

I did however capture the bride's gown. I love this dress and the veil, I could see myself getting married in something similar!

Sunday I went to my sister's house with my parents to help build her deck. We had intended to visit friends but SJ spent the entire day sleeping in her spare not to make others sick.

How gorgeous is this timber? it's mixed hardwoods and Dad bought it for her from the seconds auction place thingy. Cost just over $2 a metre (when it would usually cost $6!).

Probably just as well when she's basically decking her entire backyard!

My job was to pick the boards that looked pretty and were a close length to what was needed, nothing too major.

Which reminds me, I got myself some Poshe Top Coat, appeared to do a good job. My nails survived the day at least!

(Though I am wearing Big Apple Red right now and I have a nail that has big time shrinkage!)

I was in major Pirate mode on Monday. Wore a stripey shirt with boots. I think I'm going to wear this shirt on Saturday for Bastille Day, should work well with my now red nails.

Tuesday I didn't start work til lunch time (but was still there at 9pm!) thanks to our operational stuff, so I did our market shop before work. Bought myself these tulips, I do love tulips. Possibly more than roses.

Wednesday was yesterday, my photos came and I put the up and they look awesome (though the Royal Exhibition building has turned up a little dark and lacking detail). I would most definitely have taken pictures to share with you but I left my phone on my work desk overnight, been a bit scatter brained lately.

I'll take good pictures on the weekend to share then.

Today (Thursday) I got a new HTC Velocity phone as my work phone, so looking forward to finding the time to play with that. And a friend from Perth is over for a visit, he's here to participate in some bike races over the weekend.

Oh and of course, since the tour (the Tour De France that is) got interesting this week I've been staying up to watch it (grateful for that late start on Tuesday!). A little worried for Cadel but I think he'll pull through.

There I think that's it. I really shouldn't post so infrequently so they don't have to be soooo long!


  1. I love the way you fold the money, it looks great! Given how far you have been travelling to these weddings I think $100 is fine!

    The brides dress is beautiful & your sisters decking will be awesome!

    Tulips are my favourites, beautiful! x

  2. Love the pirate look - you can also recycle it for International Talk Like a Pirate Day in September:)

  3. The folded money is awesome! Such a great idea, and a great way to pretty it up and make it more gift-like!

  4. I loooveee Tulips too and the bottom of that dress is kind of similar to mine :)

  5. Love your blog! Love Friday's outfit, those boards & your 'folded fifties' :) Purrrplexed (VF) x

  6. the money looks so cute, such a unique idea! I think you give whatever you can afford, $100 is fine x

  7. I don't think $100 per couple is bad at all my parter and I have given that much before, maybe increaded it to $150 now we earn a bit more but if your man isn't working atm then 100 is fine!

  8. Love the deck and your tulips! Pity about the earring.

  9. I don't think $100 is scabby at all. I'm a student and give $100, but have to scrape to afford that when there are alot of weddings on at the same time. It's not about how much you give, it's about that you cared enough about the couple to share their day and give anything at all.