Thursday, August 9, 2012

Catch Up Post #1

First off, thank you all for you kind words on my last post. Let me assure that I'm not keeping any bad secrets, more just that I'm not sure which direction of change I'm going to be heading along and I don't want to share until I'm more sure.

I am most definitely NOT pregnant to anyone who jumped to that conclusion. Nor are SJ and I engaged, we're still a long way from any of that financially, he still doesn't have a full time job, remember?

Now onto my weekend in Brisbane...

I went to work on the Thursday morning then went straight to the airport with SJ. Felt so disgusting on the flight, too cold and uncomfortable. Then on arriving I was hot and sweaty and disgusting. Changed in the airport bathroom and attempted to reapply makeup...
Probably why I look tired and in need of a shower in this picture lol. SJ is wearing his doctorate robes, the hat looked quite funny on him for some reason (one of his Italian friends pulled it of really well!).
Here is is accepting his certificate. Looking like an old man haha...

We had a nice dinner out with his parents and friends at a tapas bar afterwards, I was so exhausted by the time we got back to my parent's house that night.
Friday night we had a big catch up with 25+ friends in the city. It was so good to see everyone, managed to catch up with some people I hadn't seen in years! Catch ups weren't frequent enough even before I moved to Melbourne.
I wore a similar outfit to my Bastille Day one, my red skirt, black boots, a white singlet and my black leather jacket.

Don't have many photos of the night since it was all about the people there.
After drinks and dinner a handful of us carried on to the Chocolateria San Churro for some hot chocolates and churros. Sadly, when there was still 12 of us we had to spread out throughout the restaurant, but it was still nice to get warm!
I spent most of Saturday hanging out at my 8 year old cousin's birthday party. Complete with backyard laser force.
Lily is the only one I will post photos of though. Here she is playing with a Boomerang Dad obtained from the home/reno show we visited the day before. Lily loved chasing after it and being confused by it returning...though within 2 hours she had chewed it so much it was broken...
Sunday I spent a bit of time at MissT's checking out her finished deck. And relaxing on it under this...
Sometimes I really miss Queensland.

Next catchup will be about my trip to Canberra last weekend and wedding dress shopping with MissA!!!!!!


  1. There's nothing better than a catch up with old friends - love the outfit you wore!

  2. So glad your secret isn't a sad one, got a little worried for a sec..

    Your hair is gorgeous btw!

  3. Congrates to SJ!!!

    Looks like a good weekend, can definately picture you being tired after that :)

    I know what it is... You're going to move back to the Sunshine State!!?? haha


  4. YAY you're back!

    Looks like you've been keeping busy :)

    Big congratulations to SJ, what an achievement! x