Friday, February 8, 2013

With These Hands...A New Project

This blog has been stressing me out of late, I can't find things to blog about. And the few things I can find take a lot of motivation to actually become blog posts.

Well all of that is about to change, I'm teaming up with Rhiannon (from Vanilla Bliss) and Sophia (from Je m'appelle Sophia) for a little project.

We've all been looking for things to blog about lately and looking for more creativity in our lives. This is our solution...

The Idea: A weekly theme, released on Fridays, to which we have to create something (with our hands). 

The  Rules: (There aren't too many)
  • No nail-art (because there plenty of girls out there who can do that better than us!)
  • Anything else goes really, whether it's as simple as a drawing or as complicated as a quilt so long as you can make/create it and it fits the theme it counts.
  • The project has to be started before the following Friday - but not completed if it's a big one
  • We have to blog about the project (well duh!)
The Theme: We've picked an easy one for week one, Valentine's Day

If you're interested in joining in, feel free. I've created personalised badges for each of us (see below, so if you're keen to join let me know and you may get your own) and we'll be linking up to completed projects each week...hopefully.


  1. Great idea! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  2. Awesome idea and if I had a spare secong I would so be in it.. look forward to reading them xx

  3. i would LOVE to do this :) it looks amazing & i too am having trouble finding motivation to blog !!

  4. Cool idea but i'm slack as anything when it comes to DIY. Seriously... I used to. But now that I found Twitter...

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