Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas Catch Up #1

This blog and I have had a rather long distance relationship of late. So now, three weeks after Christmas, when everyone is back at work and finally getting on with their lives...I'm going to update you all on my Christmas in Brisbane.

Starting with...the drive from Melbourne to Brisbane.

Leaving from Melbourne, our first stop of the day was just outside of Young (about 6 hours drive) at the Allambie Orchard. We enjoyed a picnic by the farm's lake before braving the heat to pick cherries.

Though it was late in the season but there was still plenty of fruit on the trees. We only picked about a kilo worth (cost was $6 a kilo) knowing we were still two days from Brisbane. It was a shame, they were the best cherries I've ever eaten and out-ranked the others we had at Christmas. I'd love to head up to Young for the Cherry Festival at the end of November this year.

Friday night we camped in Blayney (small town just south of Bathurst) and had a lot of 'guests' while we prepared and ate dinner. Definitely preferable to mosquitoes or flies.

Bathurst on Saturday morning included a drive around the Mount Panorama circuit. It's much steeper than either of us had thought.

From Bathurst we took the scenic route through to Muswelbrook to have lunch with friends before heading to Glen Innes for the night.

Sunday morning we again took a more scenic route through to the Gold Coast, which passed by both Mount Barney and Mount Lindesay.

We got to my parent's place around midday and then the real Christmas fun began :-)


  1. You have such balls to drive from Melbourne to Brisbane! At least you took your time and enjoyed it!

  2. Wow - that's a long drive! I struggle with Melbourne - Sydney!

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