Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year everyone. I hope you all celebrated the start of this year in your own special way. I enjoyed it at home with friends and family, even got a surprise visit from friends who live in Townsville.

I guess it's time to make some New Year's Resolutions...

1. All the usuals are on the list, eat better, exercise more, spend less, save more...all the boring ones.

2. I have been inspired by the Minimalist thread on the Vogue Forum (link to come once I'm not posting from my phone) to overhall my life. SJ and I don't like too materialistically, based on our financial situation, but as I know he will get a job this year I want to enforce more habits. Someone on that thread mentioned throw things out daily through January, I am going to do something similar but can't start until I'm home. More to come...

3. I will find out what my 'style' is in 2012. It might be multiple styles, but I want to be able to define it more. What I like, what suits me, who my fashion idols are (or should be). This could be a big one.

4. Once I know my style, use it. In particular, I rarely accessorise my outfits, I want to be more put together on a daily basis. Not more done up, just wearing 'complete' outfits.

5. Photography. I need to do more of it. This blog is helping because I am constantly looking for pictures to include in my posts. But I am still lazy, I take photos on my real camera but can't be bothered uploading them. I am also going to put together more photobooks. They are time consuming, but I want more of a record of our lives together, SJ and I barely have any photos of us together but we have travelled a little together.

6. I want to remember to enjoy the little things. I think I will start making 'Things I am thankful for this week' type posts.

Okay, that's all I can think of for the moment. Hectic final 2 days in Brisbane getting things and people organised for me to leave again.

Hope you're all recovering well today xx


  1. oh .. what is accessorise? LOL I have none to be honest... and I don't do the complete outfit. Are you going to be doing more outfit posts to satisfy complete outfit and photographs?

  2. Most definitely :-)

    I need to find a good spot and set up my tripod to take photographs of myself (rather than mirror shots with my phone).

    I'll be using the Voguettes for help a lot too!